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Colm O'Cinneide   DAVID O'KEEFFE
BCL (1974), LLM (NUI, 1978), LLM (Yale, 1978), Doctorandus (Leiden, 1983), Solicitor
Emeritus Professor of European Law

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David O'Keeffe joined the Faculty in 1993. He had from 1990 been Head of Department of Law, and Allen & Overy Professor of European Law at the University of Durham. He was Legal Secretary at the European Court of Justice between 1985-90 and an Associate at Coudert Brothers, Brussels, 1984-5. He was a Lecturer in Law at the University of Leiden between 1980-4.

He is the Editor of Common Market Law Review and European Foreign Affairs Review. He is a Member on the Editorial Advisory Board of Columbia Journal of European Law, Journal of Common Market Studies, Irish Jurist. European Public Law, European Journal of Law Reform, European Business Law Review, World Competition, Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies, Journal of Network Industries.

He is the Secretary of the United Kingdom Association for European Law, a Member of the Comité Directeur, Fédération Internationale pour le droit Européen. He is a Visiting Professor at the College of Europe, Bruges, and University College Dublin. He has presented evidence to House of Lords Select Committee on the European Communities and is an Adviser to Institutional Affairs Committee, European Parliament. He is also an Adviser to European Commission on Social Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs. He is Deputy Chair of the Templeman Committee on Border Controls and a Member of the EU High Level Panel on Free Movement. Member, Conciliation Board, European Space Agency. He is a Patron of the Irish Forum for European Law. Advisor to European Ombudsman.

Professor O'Keeffe's reseach encompasses:

  • European Social Law
  • European Immigration Law
  • The Internal Market (particularly financial services)
  • EC Trade Law
  • Judicial Protection in Europe
  • European citizenship, and
  • EU External Relations.

Research in progress and research likely to be completed by the end of 2007
David is currently researching the area of State aids as an example of the regulation by the EU of State intervention in the market-place. This is intended to feed into a joint book with 2 co-authors, Biondi (KCL) and Bavasso (UCL/Allen & Overy).

When that is over, he is considering writing a large article (possibly for Yearbook of European Law) or short monograph on the European Constitution.Projected publications between now and the end of 2007 with likely publication dates


Publications since December 31st 2000

  • “The status of Member States not participating in the Euro”, 4 Yearbook of European Legal Studies (2001) pp. 293-314.
  • " Preparing for Accession" 38 Common Market Law Review (2001) 23-41.
  • " Financial services and the Internal Market", in Capital Markets in the era of the Euro (ed. Ferrarini, Kluwer, 2002), pp. 3-16. Davidoff and Levi-Strauss, 39 Common Market Law Review (2002), 591-607.
  • " Opting out of the Euro" in Santoro and Belli (eds.) The European Central Bank and national central Banks”, 2002. pp. 147-169..
  • CMLRev paper UPA and Jego quere.
  • CLP paper

Co-edited book on the results of the Hart Workshop 2003.

  • State aid book – 2005
  • European Constitution – long article or short monograph: 2007.

Selected publications:

  • Editor, Liber Amicorum Lord Slynn of Hadley, vol. 1: Judicial Review in European Union Law (2000, Kluwer.).
  • "Exclusive, concurrent and shared competence", in EC External Relations Law in the Maastricht Era, (ed. Dashwood), (Sweet & Maxwell, 2000).
  • "The shadow of Silhouette" (with B. Keane) to appear in 2000 Yearbook of European Law.
  • "Freedom of movement for workers in European Community Law", to appear in 30 years of free movement of workers in Europe (ed. Carlier, Official Publications Office).
  • "The role of Parliament in the Constitution of the European Union: the era of case-by-case legitimacy", in Perspectives of the Constitutional Process of the European Union in the light of the Amsterdam Treaty (ed. I. Pernice, Nomos Verlag, 1999).
    (edited with P.M. Twomey), Legal Issues of the Amsterdam Treaty (1999,Hart Publishing).
  • "Is the spirit of Article 177 under attack? Preliminary rulings and Admissibility", 1998 European Law Review.
  • "The Protection of Fundamental Rights and European Citizenship", in Judicial Protection of rights in the Community legal order (ed. Minieri), (Bruylant, 1997), pp. 35-53.
  • "The Individual and European Law", Academy of European Law Vol. V Book 1 (1996, Martinus Nijhoff/European University Institute), p. 55-150;
  • "Exclusive, concurrent and shared competence", to appear in EC External Relations Law in the Maastricht Era, (ed. Dashwood), (Sweet & Maxwell, 1999);
  • "Is the spirit of Article 177 under attack? Preliminary rulings and Admissibility", in Scritti in onore di G. Federico Mancini, (ed. Curti Gialdino and others), (Giuffre, 1998). (25 pp. in print);
  • "The Uneasy progress of European Social Policy", Colombia Journal of European Law, 1997, pp. 241-264;
  • "L'arrêt Bosman: Un arrêt important pour le bon fonctionnement du marché interne", Revue du Marché Unique, 1996-I, pp. 17-44;
  • Editor, with P.M. Twomey, Legal Issues of the Maastricht Treaty, Wiley/Chancery, 1994;

Ph.D Supervision
David O'Keeffe is currently supervising the following student:

  • Lucinda Miller - research the europeanisation of contract law


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