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Publications by Professor Sir Basil Markesinis

I. Books

Published since 2000:
1. Always on the Same Path: Essays on Foreign Law and Comparative Methodology Vol. II. Hart Publishing 2001 (431 pp.)
2. The British Contribution to the Europe of the Twenty-First Century, British Academy Centenary Lectures (editor of the entire volume and author of chapter five entitled “Tutorial and Repetitorium: Parallel and different techniques of teaching law in England and Germany”). Hart Publishing 2002 (266 pp.)
3. The German Law of Torts: A Comparative Treatise. Hart Publishing 2002, (1049 pp.)
4. Comparative Law in the Courtroom and the Classroom. Hart Publishing 2003 (270 pp.)
To appear 2003/2004:
5. Tort Law (with Simon Deakin and Angus Johnston). OUP, 5th edn, July 2003 (approx. 950 pp.)
6. Compensation for Personal Injury in England, France, Germany and Italy (co-authored). Publication date: Spring 2004 (approx. 300 pp.)

II. Articles

Published since 2000:
7. “Scholarship, Reputation of Scholarship and Legacy: Some Provocative Reflections from a Comparatist’s Point of View.” The John Maurice Kelly Memorial Lecture, The Irish Jurist 2003
8. “Foreign Law Inspiring National Law: Lessons from Greatorex v. Greatorex. 61 Cambridge Law Journal (2002), pp. 386-404
9. “Unité ou divergence: à la recherche des ressemblances dans le droit européen contemporain”, Rev. dr. int. comp. January 2002
10. “Zur Lehre des Rechts anhand von Fällen: Einige bescheidene Vorschläge zur Verbesserung der deutschen Juristenausbildung”. Festschiurft for Peter Schlechtriem, Mohr 2002
11. “Plaintiff’s tort law or defendant’s tort law? Is the House of Lords moving towards a synthesis?”. Tort Law Journal, June 2001
12. “Tortious Liability for Negligent Misdiagnosis of Learning Disabilities: A Comparative Study of English and American Law”, Texas International Law Journal, April 2001
13. “Réflexions d’un comparatiste britannique sur à partir de l'arrêt Perruche.” 1 Rev. trim. Dr. civ. 2001, pp. 75-103
To appear 2003/2004:
14. “Case law and Comparative Law: Any Wider Lessons to be Learnt?” European Review of Private Law (later in 2003)
15. “Caroline of Monaco, Zeta Jones, Naomi Campbel: the private lives of public figures and the Press”. Lecture delivered at the Academy of Athens, Academia Analecta 2003
16. “Liability of Experts in German and American Law: An Exercise in Comparative Methodology” (co-authored). The American Journal of Comparative Law, Summer 2003


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