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Law and Religous Conference Listening and Presentation Materials:

The “Law, Religion and Education” conference, 8 th and 9 th October 2010, was held with great success at Maison française d'Oxford (MFO) under the auspices of the Institute of Global Law (UCL) and MFO with the support of the Institute for Human Rights (UCL). Recordings of some of the talks are available below along abstracts and speaker profiles from here

The Classroom as an Integration Lab
Dr Lorenzo Zucca (King's College London)

Power Point Presentation

Tensions on Laïcité: Ideological manipulations by
the French radical right and the British left

Prof. Luc Borot (MFO)

The Right of the Child to Religious Freedom
and Education: Key issues in international human rights law
Dr Sylvie Langlaude (Queen's University Belfast) 

What Place Does Religious Education Have
in State Schools and Catholic Schools in France?

Dr Blandine Chelini-Pont (Université Aix-en-Provence)


Religion in the Turkish Education:
Nationalisation between secularisation and islamisation

Dr Kerem Altiparmak / Hasan Sayim Vural (Ankara University) 

The Northern Irish Model of Religion and Education
Prof. Christopher McCrudden (Lincoln College, Oxford)

The Ambiguous Status of Religion in Italian Public Education:
A(bad) model for Europe?

Prof. Marco Ventura (University of Siena)

Power Point Presentation

Religious Discrimination and Schools:
The employment of teachers and the public sector duty

Prof. Lucy Vickers (Oxford Brooks University)

Jewish Schools in France:
A mapping of their Jewish identity proposals

Prof. Martine Cohen (CNRS Paris)


Having Faith in our Schools?:
Struggling with religious definitions

Dr Arif Jamal (UCL)
Dr Farid Panjwani (The Aga Khan University, London)

Power Point Presentation

Religious Symbols in UK Schools:
Teachers and other staff

Dr Russell Sandberg (Cardiff Law School) 

The Lautsi Case:
What the Strasbourg court decided

Dr George Letsas (UCL)

Religious Symbols in German Schools
Dr Tobias Lock (UCL) 

Power Point Presentation

Laïcité Unveiled!
Prof. Raphaël Liogier (Sciences Po, Aix-en-Provence)