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Azadeh Chalabi
LLB (high honors)(2007), LLM (high honors)(2009), PhD Candidate
Research Topic: National Human Rights Action Plans: A Roadmap to Development
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Azadeh Chalabi joined the faculty as an MPhil/PhD Candidate in January 2011. Her PhD is about national human rights action plans and development. It has theoretical, doctrinal and empirical dimensions. At the theoretical level, she examines the concept of development from a human rights perspective. At the doctrinal level, she conducts a textual analysis of human rights documents to show that under all the nine core human rights conventions, states parties have the obligation to adopt a plan of action geared towards the full realization of the rights embodied in these conventions. At the empirical level, she has conducted an online survey to gather professional views on the process, substance and effectiveness of national human rights action plans in Australia where the first national human rights action plan was developed. By conducting a textual analysis of 39 countries’ action plans, Azadeh has also identified various conceptual and empirical problems faced by and in these plans. She is currently exploring different response strategies for national human rights action plans’ problems.

Azadeh has a research background in human rights law, sociology of law, research methodology and the application of systems thinking and fuzzy-set methods in socio-legal studies.

Azadeh has mentored LLM students with their dissertations in summer 2013 at UCL. From September 2013, she has conducted some LLM seminars at UCL in the area of human rights.
Areas of Expertise

Empirical Legal Studies, Human Rights, Employment and Equality, Jurisprudence & Legal Theory

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Human Rights, Jurisprudence, research methodology, sociology of law, systems theory and fuzzy-set theory

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