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Catrina Denvir
University of Cambridge (2006)
PhD Candidate, Research Assistant, Tutor
Research Topic: What is the Net Worth? Young People, Civil Justice and the Internet
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Areas of Expertise

Empirical Legal Studies

Research Projects
Research Interests

Civil Justice, Law and Ethics, legal education, Social Inequality

UCL Associations/Academic & Professional Memberships
Professional Experience
  • 2009 - 2013: Legal Services Research Centre
Public Engagements & Media Coverage

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Catrina's publications include:
Conference Papers
  • Denvir, C. & Balmer, N.J. Digitally (de)Faulted? How do young people use the Internet to acquire knowledge of rights and self-help? National Access to Justice and Pro-Bono Conference. Hyatt, Melbourne, Australia, 21st-22nd March
  • Miles, J., Balmer, N.J., Smith, M., Denvir, C., and Patel, A. In scope but out of reach? Society of Legal Scholars Conference, Bristol, 11th -12th September
  • Denvir, C., Caught in the Web – How Young People use the Internet in the Resolution of Civil Justice Problems. Legal Services Research Centre International Research Conference, Magdalen College, Oxford 12th-14th September
  • Denvir, C., & Balmer, N.J, Surfing the web - recreation or resource? Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference. Held at the University of Sussex, UK.12th -14th April
  • Denvir, C., & Balmer, N.J, Determining the mental health cost of debt - the interaction between debt and mental illness. Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference. Held at the University of Sussex, UK.12th -14th April
  • Balmer, N.J. & Denvir, C. Mental illness and the experience and resolution of debt problems. Law and Society Annual Conference. Held at the Westin St Francis, San Francisco, USA, 2nd-5th June
Edited Volumes
  • Pleasence, P., Balmer, N.J., Patel, A. & Denvir, C. Civil Justice in England and Wales 2009: Report of the 2006-09 English and Welsh Civil and Social Justice Survey, London: Legal Services Commission
  • Balmer, NJ., Patel, A., Denvir, C., & Pleasence, P. Unmanageable Debt and Financial Difficulty in the English and Welsh Civil and Social Justice Survey. London: Money Advice Trust
  • Balmer, N.J., Buck, A., Patel, A., Denvir, C. & Pleasence, P. Knowledge, Capacity and the Experience of Rights Problems. London: PLEnet
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