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Alexander Green
Ph.D Candidate
Research Topic: An Interpretive Account of Legal Obligations between States
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Alex joined the Faculty of Laws in January 2013 to research international law and legal theory. He is particularly interested in the relationship between international law and political philosophy. His thesis concerns what it means to say that one State has a binding legal obligation to another. This research is supported by the Modern Law Review.

Alex holds an LLB in Law and an LLM in Human Rights Law from University College London. Before commencing his research he worked as a Consultant to the International Bar Association on matters of international criminal, humanitarian and human rights law. He also interned at the International Criminal Court, where he worked in the Prosecution Division of the Office of the Prosecutor.
Areas of Expertise

Jurisprudence & Legal Theory, Public International Law

Research Projects

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Research Interests

History of International Law, Human Rights, International Legal Theory, Legal Reasoning, Moral and Political Philosophy, Philosophical foundations of Property, Private Law Theory, Public International Law

UCL Associations/Academic & Professional Memberships
Current Teaching
LAWS2004 - Jurisprudence for 2nd yr LLB
LAWS2007 - Tort Law LLB
Professional Experience
  • 2010 - 2011: Research Assistant, London School of Economics, Law and Financial Markets Project
  • 2011 - 2012: Consultant, International Bar Association
  • 2012 : International Criminal Court, Office of the Prosecutor
  • 2013 : Graduate Teaching Assistant in Jurisprudence, London School of Economics
  • 2013 : Online LLM Tutor, University of Derby
  • 2013 : PhD Tutor, The Brilliant Club
Public Engagements & Media Coverage
UCL Research Blog: "Working for The Brilliant Club"
Blog Entry: "Team America: Should it Air-Strike Again?", Social Justice First
Blog Entry: "Financial Suicide: a legal perspective on moral responsibility", Social Justice First
Blog Entry: "Why do we Punish War Criminals?", Social Justice First
Alexander's publications include:
Conference Papers
  • "Formalist Foibles", International Graduate Legal Research Conference, Kings College London
  • "A Community of Substance: Can International Law be Identified through Consensus Alone?", Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference, University of Edinburgh
  • "Rights, Risk and the Value of Life: A critical analysis of the right to life under the European Convention on Human Rights", (2013) 20 Journal of Law and Medicine 877
  • "An Absolute Theory of Convention Rights: Why the ECHR Gives Rise to Legal Rights that Cannot Conflict with Each Other", (2010) 16 UCL Jurisprudence Review 75
Manuscripts in Preparation
  • The Majoritarian Account of Customary International Law
  • Statehood as Political Community
  • International Law on the Coercive Impact View
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