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Diana Richards
BA Legal Philosophy (2009), MA Legal and Political Theory (2010), LLM Constitutional Law (2011)
PhD Candidate in Judicial Studies
Research Topic: Judicial Training in Sentencing: A Comparative Study.
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Diana Richards joined the UCL Laws faculty as an MPhil/PhD candidate in January 2012, working under the supervision of Professor Cheryl Thomas and Dr Nigel Balmer. She is also kindly mentored by Professor Frederick Schauer (Virginia). Ever since she studied philosophy she was fascinated by judges – by their power, discretion and responsibility towards the society at large. She graduated from her BA in philosophy with a thesis on the internal and external constraints upon judicial discretion, and then graduated the MA in legal and political theory with a dissertation which argues that jurisprudence and empirical judicial studies must collaborate into accurately depicting the role and duties of a judge in the 21th century. She would now wish to continue her work in judicial decisionmaking by approaching both theoretical and empirical perspectives.

Her doctoral work currently focuses on the attitudes and expectations judges have towards the formal judicial training they receive in criminal law, based on their prior experience. She would wish to extend her fieldwork to several jurisdictions.
Areas of Expertise

Empirical Legal Studies, Judicial Studies, Jurisprudence & Legal Theory

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Research Interests

criminal law, judges, judicial decision making, legal education, sentencing, virtual environments

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