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Despoina Mantzari
Erasmus, Universite de Reims, France (2006), Undergraduate Degree in Law, National University of Athens (2007), Masters in Law (LL.M specialised EU Law) (2008), Visiting Researcher, UC Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law (2010)
PhD Candidate, Teaching Fellow, Research Fellow, Centre for Law, Economics and Society, UCL
Research Topic: Judicial Review in the Age of Economics. Focus on Energy and Telecoms Liberalisation
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Deni Mantzari joined the Faculty in September 2009 as a PhD Candidate working under the supervision of Dr. Ioannis Lianos and Professor Richard Rawlings. Her thesis, Judicial Review in the Age of Economics. Focus on Energy and Telecoms Liberalisation, deals with the transformation of judicial review of regulatory decisions in the energy and telecommunications sectors following the greater recourse to expert economic evidence and analysis. The regulators’ large arena of discretionary power coupled with the notoriously open-textured grounds of review have spurred once again lively debates on the court-regulatory agency relationship. Doctrinal discussions around the appropriate scope of review have been dominated by the perception of a competitive relationship between the regulatory agency and the judge. The research combines doctrinal with institutional analysis to refute the normative assumptions that have preserved this anachronistic view and argues that the relationship between these two actors in the realm of economic regulation is a complementary one. Following a detailed analysis of case-law and the statutory regimes of the EU, the US and the UK, it applies the theoretical model of the court-agency relationship in two distinct institutional settings: a) Generalist Courts (EU, US); and b) Specialist Courts (UK Competition Appeal Tribunal). The research proceeds through comparative case studies across all three jurisdictions.

The innovative aspect of the thesis is that institutional analysis goes beyond the one-dimensional ‘rational-actor’ strand of ‘new institutionalism’ in courts and embraces a richer set of considerations in order to understand the norms, structures and processes that shape the relationship between the court and the agency in the realm of economic regulation. This enables the exploration of variations in the reception of economic evidence that are not merely attributed to differences between the ‘common law’ and ‘civil law’ tradition, but stem from different incentives presented to judges by different institutional structures and political contexts. The thesis aspires to contribute to the broader discussion around the optimal mix of generalist and specialist decision-making, which is rarely examined from this interdisciplinary angle in Europe. It is written to be accessible to lawyers, economists, political scientists and policy-makers. The project is supported by a UK Arts and Humanities Research Council scholarship.

Deni holds an LL.B from National University of Athens (merit) and an LL.M in European Union Law (distinction) from UCL. In 2010, Deni was awarded an AHRC Study Visit Fund and spent a semester at UC Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law conducting research on US Administrative Law, Antitrust, and Telecommunications Law as well in the field of political science under the supervision of Professor Martin Shapiro. She also attended the Law and Economics Workshop at UC Berkeley as well as law courses at Université de Reims-Champagne- Ardenne in France.

Deni is a research and teaching fellow at the UCL LL.M program in ‘Law and Economics of Regulated Industries: Between Competition and Regulation (2009-2012) and in ‘EU Competition Law’ (2011-2012).

Before joining UCL Deni worked as a trainee lawyer and qualified to practice law in Greece (Athens Bar Association).

Deni’s main research interests lie in regulated industries law, on all aspects of EU and US public law, EU Competition law, US Antitrust, Law, Economics and Politics and Pharmaceutical Regulation.
Areas of Expertise

Antitrust, Regulation & Competition, Judicial Studies, Law and Economics

Research Projects

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Research Interests

EU Administrative Law, Law, Economics and Politics, Pharmaceutical Regulation, US Administrative Law

UCL Associations/Academic & Professional Memberships
Current Teaching
LAWSG015 - EU Competition Law
LAWSG024 - Law and Economics of Regulated Markets and Industries
Professional Experience
  • 2008 - 2009: Trainee Lawyer
Public Engagements & Media Coverage

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Despoina's publications include:
  • Despoina Mantzari, ‘The EC and CJEU approach to pharmaceutical parallel trade’, in Parallel Trade: The Challenges Ahead, Pharma Pricing and Reimbursement (vol. XIV, no.4 IMS Health 2011) 109
  • Despoina Mantzari, ‘Case T-196/04. Ryanair v Commission: a critical comment’ (2009) Newsletter of Administrative Law 49 [in Greek]
Edited Volumes
Manuscripts in Preparation
  • Despoina Mantzari, ‘A complementary relationship? The judge and the agency in the realm of economic regulation’
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