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Empirical Legal Studies

UCL Laws' expertise in Empirical Legal Studies is rooted in the inter-disciplinary approach to the study of law adopted by many Faculty members. It encompasses an interest in, and tradition of, utilising empirical social research methods to demonstrate how law works in practice and how the institutions and practice of law impact on our society. Empirical Legal Studies is thus concerned with the role and function of law, the enforcement of law, compliance with law, resistance to law, the use and experience of law, the impact of law and the character of law itself.

Within the Faculty there is particular expertise in empirical aspects of the economics of law and regulation, the working of the legal profession, the public’s experience of law, decision making within the law, violent crime, the sociology of prisons, law and social diversity, the law’s treatment of personal and social relationships. This is complemented by expertise in statistics and social research methodology.

Faculty members with research interests in these areas are:

Nigel Balmer
Alison Diduck
Elaine Genders
Hazel Genn
Pascoe Pleasence
Cheryl Thomas

Our courses in the area include:

LLM Programme

Specialist Degree - Criminal Justice, Family and Social Welfare

For further information please visit the Centre for Empirical Legal Studies.