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Jurisprudence and Legal Theory

The Faculty has a long and distinguished history of theoretical inquiry into the nature of law and the values it should serve. This history stretches back to the very beginning of law teaching at UCL in 1828, when the legal philosopher John Austin, one of the two founding professors of law, brought a theoretical perspective informed by utilitarianism to the understanding and criticism of the law. This theoretical and reforming influence was immense and remains part of the ethos of the Faculty today.

The importance of jurisprudence and legal theory within the Faculty is marked by the Quain professorship, the present holder of which is John Tasioulas. Recent previous holders of the Quain Chair include the eminent philosophers G.A. Cohen, Ross Harrison and Ronald Dworkin. Futher information here.

Current Faculty with teaching and research interests in Jurisprudence and Legal theory are:

Sylvie Delacroix
Alison Diduck

Stephen Guest
Jeff King
George Letsas
Alex Mills
Riz Mokal
Prince Saprai
Philip Schofield
John Tasioulas

Our courses in the area include:

LLM Programme: Specialist Degree - Jurisprudence and Legal Theory

Undergraduate: Jurisprudence and Legal Theory

For more information regarding Jurisprudence and Legal Theory please see the Jurisprudence @ UCL website.


Research students and their projects
Sarah Nason Sarah's work is in Jurisprudence. Dr George Letsas and Professor Eric Barendt
Vicky Martzoukou The concept of positive obligations of the state in the protection of human rights within the European Convention on Human Rights Professor Stephen Guest & Mr Colm O'Cinneide