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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law teaching and research is conducted under the auspices of the Institute of Brand and Innovation Law (IBIL) at UCL Laws, which was established to reflect UCL’s strategy of expanding its activity in the field of intellectual property law. IBIL was founded by the late Professor Sir Hugh Laddie QC.

IBIL is driven by a strong desire to build bridges between academics, practitioners, industry, the judiciary, policy makers and the student community worldwide. IBIL aims to facilitate opportunities for dialogue through hosting events which combine critical analysis with practical relevance and through producing research of the highest standards of scholarly rigour and real-world significance.

IBIL is proud to be part of a multi-faculty university with a global reputation for excellence. It is keen to establish links with other departments, including those of life sciences and engineering, and institutes across UCL in order to share interests, foster synergies and contribute to common objectives.

Our research and teaching spans all the major Intellectual Property rights. However, we have three key research themes:

1. IP and European integration
2. Comparative trade mark law (focusing particularly on the United States and European Union)
3. Intellectual property and the life science.

Our researchers in Intellectual Property Law include:

The Rt. Hon. Professor Sir Robin Jacob (Sir Hugh Laddie Chair of Intellectual Property Law)
Veronica Barresi
Matthew Fisher
Ilanah Simon Fhima

Our courses in Intellectual Property Law include:

LLM Programme

Specialist Degree - Intellectual Property Law


Intellectual Property

See the Institute of Brand and Innovation Law for more information about IP expertise in the Faculty.