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European Law

UCL Laws has a strong team of scholars engaged in teaching and research in EU law. These scholars work on a diverse range of issue areas. These include the constitutional and administrative law of the EU, including external relations, and a wide range of policy areas. Prominent among the latter are social policy, competition policy, migration policy, environmental policy, employment policy, consumer policy, agricultural policy, employment  law and intellectual property.

Faculty members with research interests in these areas are:

Antonio Bavasso
Veronica Barresi
Ingrid Boccardi
Ilanah Simon Fhima
Jane Holder
Valentine Korah
Maria Lee
Ioannis Lianos
Lucinda Miller
Rick Rawlings
Joanne Scott
Fiona Smith
Olga Thomas
Florian Wagner-Von Papp
Virginia Mantouvalou
Ronan McCrea

Our courses in the area include:

LLM Programme

Specialist Degree - European Union Law


European Union and Human Rights Law

Website: Centre for Law and Governance in Europe