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Bentham Project

The aim of the Bentham Project is to produce a new scholarly edition of the works and correspondence of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), the influential jurist, philosopher, and social scientist, whom A.J.P. Taylor described as `the most formidable reasoner who ever applied his gifts to the practical questions of administration and politics'.

UCL Laws staff involved in the Bentham Project are:

Professor Philip Schofield
Professor William Twining

For more information: see the Bentham Project website

Our courses in the area include:

LLM Programme

Specialist Degree - Jurisprudence and Legal Theory

Other Activities

The Bentham Project, in collaboration with UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, has launched Transcribe Bentham, a digitisation and crowdsourcing initiative funded by the AHRC. The aim of the initiative is to engage the public in the online transcription of unpublished papers written by Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832). For more information and to participate visit the Transcribe Bentham blog:


Visit the Transcribe Bentham project for further news on Bentham Research and information on how to participate.