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Judicial Studies

UCL's Faculty of Laws has established the country’s first and only centre of excellence in research, teaching, policy engagement and scholarship in Judicial Studies. The decisions of the judiciary affect not only the outcome of cases before them, but influence the course of politics, economic development and social order in all jurisdictions. Recognising the critical significance of the judiciary to law and society, the UCL Judicial Institute is pioneering the UK’s contribution to the interdisciplinary field of judicial studies.  The UCL JI conducts groundbreaking research and teaching about the judiciary as a key institution of state and the about the process of judicial decision-making.   The Institute’s programme of Judicial Studies draws on UCL’s strengths in law, political science, neuroscience, medicine, psychology, crime science, archaeology and statistics, and includes members of all these disciplines as well as an Advisory Board of senior judges, practitioners and academics.

Faculty staff involved in the UCL Judicial Institute are:

Cheryl Thomas
Hazel Genn
Nigel Balmer
Jeff King
Jacqueline Kinghan
Paul Mitchell
Pascoe Pleasence

Our courses in the area include:

LLM Programme

LAWSG132:  Judges, Courts and Judicial Decision-Making

Specialist Degree – Litigation and Dispute Resolution


For more details see the UCL Judicial Institute website.