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Centre for Law and the Environment:
Satellites and the Law

AHRC Project: Satellite Monitoring as a Legal Compliance Tool in the Environment Sector

In October 2005, the Centre for Law and the Environment, Faculty of Laws (UCL) won a major funded research contract from the Arts and Humanities Research Council worth £308,000. This research which was completed in December 2008 was concerned with the potential for using new developments in satellite technology for monitoring and enforcing national, European Community and international laws in the environmental sector. The research was conducted with the co-operation of the Remote Sensing Unit in the Department of Geography (UCL).

The project explored the potential and significance of employing satellite monitoring data as a compliance tool, in the context of step-changes in the resolution capabilities, geographical coverage, and costs of the technology that are currently taking place. This research drew upon national and international experience to date and assess the opportunities that may be provided to address limitations in conventional inspection and enforcement regimes.

UCL (Google Earth, 2006)
Project Sponsor
Satellite image of Silverstone Race Track, UK (Google Earth, 2005)