Law & Economics @ UCL

Welcome to Law & Economics @ UCL

UCL Laws is one of a handful of law faculties in the UK and in Europe to invest in the study of the interaction of law with economics. Our numerous activities in this field have the objective of providing a stimulating environment to develop and promote interdisciplinary research in the area of Law & Economics - considering the field from a wide perspective beyond the 'classical' economic analysis of law approach.

The Centre for Law, Economics and Society (CLES) and the Comparative Institutions and Harmonization Research Initiative carry out a variety of activities in order to contribute to the public discussion in the area. Amongst many others, they include the publication of the CLES Working Paper Series and the organisations of seminar series and conferences in which speakers present their work to professionals, students and any other interested audience.

In addition, Law and Economics @ UCL promotes specialised teaching in the broader area of the interaction of law with economics, providing a range of courses specifically dedicated to the field. It also supports major empirical and theoretical research projects, which include participants from different disciplines.