Information for Current Undergraduate Students

Preliminary Reading for Incoming Undergraduate Students

The following preliminary reading is intended for incoming undergraduate students whose places have been confirmed on one of our LLB degrees for September 2015 entry. In addition to this reading, the following documents have been mailed through the post at the end of August to all incoming undergraduates:

* Letter confirming your place on one of our LLB degree programmes starting in September 2015
* Student Law Society Freshers' Booklet

Please note that the above information is applicable only to applicants whose places have been confirmed on an LLB degree starting in September 2015. If you have been confirmed on an LLB degree for a deferred place, starting in September 2016, you will not be mailed any of the above information (with the exception of a letter confirming your place for September 2016 entry). Nor is it necessary for you to complete the preliminary reading at this stage. You will be sent up to date information during the next admissions cycle.

Further information about joining UCL is also available on the UCL website at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/new-students/

Introduction to Law and Legal Methods

Preliminary Reading to download:

Introduction to Law and Legal Methods Tutorial Preparation

UCL Law Library Booklet



There is no preliminary reading for Contract

Criminal Law

There is no specific preliminary reading for Criminal Law. However, we recommend that when you acquire your text on the English legal system (see "Legal Methods"), you should read about the differences between a criminal trial in the Magistrates' Court and a criminal trial in the Crown Court, and the different avenues of appeal. Alternatively, research this online. For residents in England and Wales, this could be usefully followed up by visits to your nearest Crown Court and/or Magistrates' Court to observe criminal trials taking place.

As a further test of your online research skills, try to work out the difference between a caution and a conviction, and how it should be decided in any individual case which outcome should be preferred.

Property I

Please download the instructions below:

Property Law I Preliminary Reading

Public Law

The required preliminary reading text book for Public Law is: Leyland, Peter. The Constitution of the United Kingdom: A Contextual Analysis (Constitutional Systems of the World), Second Edition, 2012, HART Publishers. As a bare minimum, prior to the first lecture you must have read and taken notes on chapters 1-3.