The Society of Legal Scholars 2012 Annual Seminar

“The Philosophical Foundations of Property Law”

About the Conference

SLS Annual Seminar: Friday the 11 th and Saturday the 12 th of May, 2012

The Philosophical Foundations of Property Law

About the Seminar:
The philosophical consideration of property concepts has long featured in political and moral philosophy, but there has been a relative absence of serious philosophical attention paid to the various doctrines that shape the actual law of property, a situation in marked contrast to the rich philosophical literatures which attend to specific features of the law of contract or the law of torts.

The papers in this seminar are a first step towards filling this gap in the philosophical analysis of private law.

The seminar is convened by Professor James Penner of the Faculty of Laws, UCL, and Professor Henry Smith of Harvard Law School.

This conference is accredited with 12 CPD hours by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board (pending).