Current Legal Issues Colloquium 2013
Law and Michael Freeman

Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd July 2013

About this colloquium
The UCL Faculty of Laws is celebrating Professor Michael Freeman's extraordinary contribution to legal scholarship over the course of his distinguished career in the 2013 Current Legal Issues Colloquium.

The themes of the Colloquium will encompass children's rights, corporal punishment of children, family and child law generally, medical ethics and the law, jurisprudence, Jewish law and legal systems/legal pluralism, all areas of research to which Michael has made significant contributions.

Leading international scholars and practitioners from each of these areas will be presenting their current work and some are reflecting specifically upon Michael's contributions to the field. Michael Freeman will also give the keynote lecture on the evening of the first day of the colloquium, on 'Rethinking Children's Rights', chaired by Baroness Hale of Richmond