Socio-Legal and Theoretical Perspectives on International Economic Law
Organised by UCL and University of New South Wales

The Programme

Thursday 14 November
13:00 Registration
13:45 Welcome
Dr Fiona Smith (UCL) & Lisa Toohey (UNSW)
14:00 SESSION I:
Justice in International Economic Law
Chair:  Lisa Toohey (UNSW)
Papers: Prof. Frank Garica (Boston College Law School)
Towards a Pluralist Approach to Global Justice

Prof. Chi Carmody (University of Western Ontario)
Fairness in WTO Law 

Prof. John Linarelli (Swansea University)
Justice, Luck and Systemic Risk: Regulating International Finance 
15:30 Break
16:00 SESSION II: 
International Tribunals and Institutions
Chair: Prof. Joanne Scott (UCL)
Speakers> Dr Lorand Bartels (University of Cambridge)
Between Jura Novit Curia and Non Ultra Petita: The Power of International Courts and Tribunals to Apply the Law

Dr Martins Paparinskis (UCL)
Investment Law and International Law Analogies: Human Rights, Third Parties, and Diplomatic Protection

Dr Lisa Toohey (University of New South Wales)
Narrative and Coherence: A Constructivist Study of the WTO Secretariat 
17:30 Break
18:00 Current Legal Problems Lecture
Governing 'As If': The Provisional Settlement of Knowledge Controversies in the WTO
Dr Andrew Lang (LSE) 


Friday 15 November
09:00 Registration
Theorising International Economic Law
Chair:  Lijiana Biukovic (University of British Columbia)
Papers: Prof. Amanda Perry-Kessaris (Kent Law School)
Economic Sociology and International Economic Law

Dr Matt Eagleton-Pierce (SOAS)
The Wedding of Materialism and Symbolism in the Study of World Trade Law

Dr Emily Reid (University of Southampton)
What is the WTO for? Ideology and the Pursuit of Sustainability
11:00 Break
11:30 SESSION IV: 
Trade Rules
Chair: Dr Fiona Smith (UCL)
Papers: Dr Greg Messenger (Oxford University)
The Concept of Public Body in the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures: Questioning the Public/Private Divide in WTO Law

Dr Gillian Moon (University of South Wales)
Tradewinds as 'Headwinds'? Combating Racial Discrimination Using Discriminaroty Trade and Investment Measures

Prof. Ljijana Biukovic (University of British Columbia)
Where is the New Geography of Trade Really Taking Place?
13:00 Lunch
14:00 SESSION V: 
Finance and Investment
Chair: Dr Martins Paparinskis (UCL)
Speakers Prof. Moshe Hirsch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
The Socio-Cultural Dimensions of the European Financial Crisis

Dr Alex Mills (UCL)
The interests of international investment arbitrators
16:00 Close