We regularly speak at international conferences and deliver papers that form part of our research efforts. We are also active in arranging conferences and events. Our principal goal is to encourage the legal community to debate important issues in commercial law. Read about our commercial law events.


28 November 2016

Evening Seminar hosted by Dr Melis Ozdel

“The recent developments in bills of lading”

Since the early age of commerce, bills of lading have played a vital role in the financing of international trade. Technical and political developments have given rise to a wide range of legal issues in connection with bills of lading, while shaping the future of international trade and shipping. In this seminar, a panel of expert speakers will discuss the possible jurisdictional effects of Brexit on bills of lading, contemporary issues with misdelivery and letters of indemnity, and the proprietary aspects of electronic bills of lading in shipping and international trade.

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31 May/ 1 June 2016

International Maritime Law Conference hosted by Dr Melis Ozdel

“Commercial Maritime Law”

The title “Commercial Maritime Law” is a misnomer. There is a patchwork of different commercial maritime laws around the world. However, the title is a true reflection of what many legal scholars and practitioners in the field have long desired: a common framework of commercial maritime law. This two-¬day colloquium unravels the complexities of bridging the gap between common law and civil law in commercial maritime law and will discuss whether the title “Commercial Maritime Law” will remain a misnomer despite the countless attempts at harmonization.

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