Centre for Commercial Law

Our Expertise

Our research activities encompass the following broad themes:

Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

One of the Centre's focal areas is on issues surrounding corporate and corporate governance law, including international and comparative perspectives. The Centre's members have longstanding and varied expertise in general corporate/company law, mergers & acquisitions, a wide range of corporate governance issues, international business transactions, and securities law and financial regulation. We engage in high-level research, consulting, and knowledge dissemination through conferences and public events.

Dr Martin Petrin

Professor Graham Penn

Professor Ian Flecther

Dr Barnali Choudhury

Associate members: Professor Iris H-Y Chiu and Anna Donovan, co-directors of the Centre for Ethics and Law.

The Centre for Ethics and Law regularly collaborates with the Centre for Commercial Law in research projects and events that revolve around corporate law and governance.

International Arbitration

The centre is committed to promoting excellence in the research and teaching of international arbitration law. Our members continue to maintain strong ties with the leading international arbitration centres around the world, and their enduring working relationships with these centres have led to various collaborative academic and practitioner-oriented projects, including conferences and professional training courses. Members of the centre with particular expertise in international arbitration include:

Lord Collins of Mapesbury

Dr Melis Ozdel

Dr Martins Paparinskis

Dr Alex Mills

Dr Ugljesa Grusic

Professor Hiroshi Oda

Maritime Law

The centre enjoys an international reputation for the research and teaching of Maritime Law. We have attracted and engaged an intellectually dynamic community of practitioners, judges and academics from the UK and abroad with our research. Our maritime events continue to encourage the maritime legal community and industry to debate important issues in maritime law, and they have a continuing engagement with the legal profession and shipping industry both within the UK and abroad. They regularly speak at high-profile international conferences in maritime law. Members of the centre with particular expertise in maritime law include:

Dr Melis Ozdel

Mr Peter McDonald Eggers QC

Dr Danai Azaria

International Trade Law

In recognition of its strong and long-standing tradition of research in international trade law, the centre offers an ideal combination of academic and practical experience. Our members are committed to high-calibre research and teaching in this field, and they to be actively involved in international trade associations. Members of the centre with particular expertise in international trade law include:

Dr Melis Ozdel

Dr Alessandro Spano

Dr Magda Raczynska

Conflict of Laws

London is the leading centre for international commercial dispute resolution, and thus questions of the conflict of laws (or private international law) are central to the practice of English commercial law. UCL offers a number of courses which examine these issues, including in particular the LLB course on the Conflict of Laws, and the LLM course on International Commercial Litigation. Members of the centre with particular expertise in commercial conflict of laws include Lord Collins of Mapesbury, Dr Alex Mills, Dr Ugljesa Grusic and Dr Melis Ozdel. Their research has an international reputation for excellence, and they are frequently consulted by legal practitioners and governmental and non-governmental organisations.