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Arad Reisberg  



LL.B (Cum Laude), LL.M, D.Phil (Oxon)
Reader in Corporate and Financial Law
Director, UCL Centre for Commercial Law

Contact details:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 1450 | internal: x21450
Email: a.reisberg@ucl.ac.uk

Arad Reisberg is currently a Reader in Corporate and Financial Law at the Faculty. He is also the Director of the UCL Centre for Commercial Law. Between 2009-2012 he acted as the Faculty’s Vice Dean (Research). He has been teaching at the Faculty since September 2003, and joined it full-time in September 2006. He was formerly a Senior Arts Scholar (2001-2003) and a Tutor at Pembroke College Oxford, where he taught law at 6 colleges at Oxford University between 2001-2005. He has also been a Visiting Lecturer at Oxford University (2005), a Lecturer at Warwick Law School (2005-2006). More recently, Arad was a Visiting Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School (teaching during Fall Tern 2012), a Visiting Scholar and the First Fellow at the Centre for Business Law, National University of Singapore (NUS) during March 2013 and a Visiting Professor of Law at NUS (teaching for the Faculty during August 2014). He is the recipient of numerous academic scholarships and awards and has written widely on shareholder remedies and directors' duties. He is an Academic Member of ECGI (European Corporate Governance Institute), the author of Derivative Actions and Corporate Governance (Oxford University Press, 2007), the first book to provide a detailed and theoretical explanation of the law governing derivative actions. Arad is also co-editor of Pettet's Company Law, sits on the Editorial Boards of the Journal International Corporate Rescue and the Journal of Corporate Ownership and Control, and is a contributing author to Annotated Companies Legislation (Oxford University Press).

Arad's research encompasses the interaction between different disciplines (i.e. economics, law, finance) and crosses the traditional subject-divide within law and, to date, has covered four broad areas: corporate law, including corporate governance, the interrelationship between the remedies available to aggrieved shareholders in a company and directors' duties (and the interaction between these duties and environmental law); financial law and corporate finance; regulation of financial markets; and the interaction between corporate law and other areas/disciplines. Recent work focused on the state of UK corporate law after recent reforms, issues surrounding corporate governance in a global environment (including papers on the UK Stewardship Code, a paper on the notion of shareholder value after the financial crisis and most recently a book chapter on the short term-long term debate), and credit rating agencies in contemporary financial markets.

The abstracts and 'working paper' versions of several of the following can be found on the Social Science Research Network.


Book Chapters

  • ‘Short-Term Relief, Long-Term Grief in the Equity Markets?’ in The Law on Corporate Governance in Banks (Elgar Financial Law Series) (forthcoming, 2014)
  • ‘The future Role of Credit Rating Agencies in contemporary financial markets– A theoretical Perspective' Chapter 7 in Corporate Finance Law in the UK and EU, Prentice and Reisberg (eds), (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2011) p. 169
  • Deviations from Ownership-Control Proportionality – Private Benefits and the Bigger Picture' Chapter 11 in U Bernitz and WG Ringe (editors) Company Law and Economic Protectionism (Oxford University Press, 2010) p. 241
  • ‘Derivative Claims under the Companies Act 2006: Much Ado About Nothing?' in J Armour and J Payne (editors) Rationality in Company Law: Essays in Honour of DD Prentice (Hart Publishing, 2009) 17
  • Contributing author to Annotated Companies Legislation (Oxford University Press)
    (Chapters on: (1) Minimum share capital requirements; (2) Unregistered companies and companies not formed under the Companies Acts; and (3) Directors' duties and liabilities [together with John Lowry])
  • ‘Derivative Claims, the UK Companies Act 2006 and Corporate Governance: A Roadmap to Nowhere? In JJ Choi and S Dow (editors) International Finance Review, Volume 9, Institutional Approach to Global Corporate Governance (Emerald Group Publishing, 2009), Chapter 14

Recent articles:

  • ‘Shareholder Value after the Financial Crisis: A Dawn of a New Era?’ (2013) International Corporate Rescue 143
  • ‘Access to Justice or Justice Not Accessed: Is There a Case for Public Funding of Derivative Claims?’ 37(3) (2012) Brooklyn Journal of International Law 1022
  • 'The notion of Stewardship from a Company Law Perspective: Re-defined and Re-assessed in light of the Recent Financial Crisis?' (2011) 18 Journal of Financial Crime 126
    • This article was awarded the Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence 2012
  • 'Directors' duties under Companies Act 2006 and the impact of the company's operations on the environment' (with Ian Havercroft)
  • 'Corporate Law in the UK after Recent Reforms: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' in Current Legal Problems (Oxford University press, 2010) 315
  • ‘Shadows of the Past and Back to the Future: Part 11 of the UK Companies Act 2006 (in) action’ (2009) 2/3 European Company and Financial Law Review 219
  • ‘Multiple Derivative Actions’ (2009) 125 Law Quarterly Review 209 (with Dan Prentice)
    • Cited in Universal Project Management Services Ltd v Fort Gilkicker Ltd [2013] EWHC 348 (Ch) (at para 40).
  • 'Corporate Governance and Statutory Derivative Claims Under The UK Companies Act 2006' (2008) 5 Corporate Ownership and Control (June 2008)
  • 'Derivative Actions and the Funding Problem: The Way Forward' (2006) Journal of Business Law 445
  • ‘Theoretical Reflections on Derivative Actions: The Representative Problem’ (2006) 3 European Company and Financial Law Review 69
  • ‘Shareholders’ Remedies: In Search of Consistency of Principle in English Law’ (2005) 5 European Business Law Review 1063 - Special Issue: Corporate Governance in Europe
  • 'The Choices of Objectives and the Social Meaning of Derivative Actions’ (2005) 6 European Business Organization Law Review 227
  • ‘Judicial Control of Derivative Actions’ (2005) 8 International Company and Commercial Law Review 335
  • ‘Funding Derivative Actions: A Re-examination of Costs and Fees as Incentives to Commence Litigation’ (2004) 4 Journal of Corporate Law Studies 345
  • ‘Indemnity Costs Orders Under Section 459 Petition?’ (2004) 25 Company Lawyer 118
  • ‘Promoting the Use of Derivative Actions’(2003) 24 Company Lawyer 250

Current Teaching
Company Law (convenor)

Comparative Corporate Governance (convenor)
Corporate Finance (convenor)

PhD Supervision
Arad Reisberg is currently supervising:

  • Yusaku Kurahashi
  • Shira Roth Markush

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