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CLP 2003 Volume 63 - 2010 - Contents  
The Human Rights of Children
Michael Freeman
An Unholy Trinity? Non-Consent, Coercion and Exploitation in Contemporary Legal Responses to Sexual Violence in England and Wales Vanessa E Munro
Is it NICE? The Appeal, Limits and Promise of Translating a Health Innovation into Criminal Justice Ian Loader
'Adjudicating in the Shadow of the Informal Settlement?': The Court of Justice of the European Union, ‘New Governance’ and Social Welfare Tamara Hervey
Recalibrating ECHR Rights, and the Role of the Human Rights Act Post 9/11: Reasserting International Human Rights Norms in the ‘War on Terror’? Helen Fenwick
When It Comes to Contact Disputes, What Are Family Courts For? Felicity Kaganas
Transparency and Administrative Law: A Critical Evaluation Elizabeth Fisher
Corporate Law in the UK After Recent Reforms: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Arad Reisberg

Regulating the Retail Markets: Law, Policy, and the Financial Crisis Niamh Moloney
Law, Language and International Trade Regulation in the WTO Fiona Smith
Law, Regulation and Public Health Research: A Case for Fundamental Reform? Jean McHale
European Contract Law: Are No Oral Modification Clauses Not Worth the Paper They Are Written On? Florian Wagner-von Papp
Issues Arising from the Interplay Between Different Areas of International Law Vera Gowlland-Debbas
Distrust: Our Fear of Trusts in the Commercial World Robert Chambers
An Untheory of the Law of Trusts, or Some Notes Towards Understanding the Structure of Trusts Law Doctrine JE Penner


CLP 2003 Volume 62 - 2009 - Contents  
False Contingency
Susan Marks
Abstraction and Equality William Lucy
The Human Face of the Rule of Law Sean Coyle
Constitutional Review, the Courts, and Democratic Scepticism Aileen Kavanagh
English Lessons: A Comparative Analysis of UK and US Responses to Terrorism David Cole
Art, Law, and Creativity Sarah Worthington
‘A Normal Man … Hardly Exists’: Law, Narrative, the Psyche, and the Normal Man Melanie Williams
Beyond Safety? The Broadening Scope of Risk Regulation Maria Lee
‘Fair Play to All Sides of the Truth’: Controlling Media Distortions Thomas Gibbons
Cohabitation: Current Legal Solutions Rebecca Probert
Lost in Translation? Towards a Theory of Economic Transplants Ioannis Lianos
Gauging the Cumbersomeness of EU Law Damian Chalmers
Issues Arising from the Interplay Between Different Areas of International Law Vera Gowlland-Debbas
European Tort Law: A Primer for the Common Lawyer Ken Oliphant
Team of Rivals? Toward a New Model of the Corporate Attorney/Client Relationship David B Wilkins


CLP 2003 Volume 61 - 2008 - Contents  
The Aims of Equality Law
Bob Hepple
The Morality of Prophylactic Legislation (with Special Reference to Speed Limits, Assisted Suicide, Torture, and Detention Without Trial) Michael C. Dorf
Constitutional Transplants: Returning to the Garden Jörg Fedtke
Modelling Judicial Review Richard Rawlings
Britain's Transnational Constitution Danny Nicol
Obscuring the Public Function: A Social Housing Case Study Dave Cowan and Morag McDermont
‘Stop Calling it Aggression’: War as Crime Gerry Simpson
Climate Change and Collective Action Daniel H Cole
Multiple Discrimination in a Multicultural Europe: Achieving Labour Market Equality Through New Governance Diamond Ashiagbor
The Boundaries of Abuse of Process in Criminal Trials Jonathan Rogers
‘A Compleat System of Knavery’: Folk Devils, Moral Panics and the Origins of Financial Regulation Philip Rawlings
The Ethics of Character Evidence Mike Redmayne
The Insatiable Appetite for Intellectual Property Rights Sir Hugh Laddie


CLP 2003 Volume 60 - 2007 - Contents  
The Constitutional Thought of the Levellers
Martin Loughlin
Deference, Discretion, and Democracy in the Human Rights Act Era Gavin Phillipson
The New Constitutionalism, Terrorism, and Torture Rodney C. Austin
Buying Social Justice: Equality and Public Procurement Christopher McCrudden
Older People and the Law Jonathan Herring
Preventive Justice or Pre-Punishment? The Case of Control Orders Lucia Zedner
Confronting a False Dilemma: EU Asylum Policy between ‘Protection’ and ‘Securitization’ Ingrid Boccardi
Media Convergence and the Regulation of Audiovisual Content: Is the European Community's Audiovisual Media Services Directive Fit for Purpose? Rachael Craufurd Smith
Aggravated Endangerment Offences Chris Clarkson
‘Breach of Duty Causing Harm?’ Recent Encounters between Negligence and Risk Jenny Steele
Redrawing the Parameters of Good Faith in Insurance Contracts John Lowry
The Legal as a Current Problem Oren Ben-Dor


CLP 2003 Volume 59 - 2006 - Contents  
Judgment and Legality
NE Simmonds
Parliament's Will and the Justice of the Common Law: The Human Rights Act in Constitutional Perspective TRS Allan
European Constitutionalism in the State Constitutional Tradition Neil Walker
Comparative Constitutional Law in the Courts: Is There a Problem? Cheryl Saunders
Law and Order: A 20:20 Vision Robert Reiner
Identity Cards and Data Protection: Public Security Interests and Individual Freedom in Times of Crisis Jörg Fedtke
Making Sense of Mens Rea in Statutory Conspiracies David Ormerod
Undue Influence: Vindicating Relationships of Influence Mindy Chen-Wishart
Equitable Rights and Wrongs Charles Mitchell
Locating Disability Law Peter Alldridge
Creating New Commons: Recognition of Communal Land Rights within a Private Property Framework Alison Clarke
The Tax Avoidance Culture: Who is Responsible? Governmental Influences and Corporate Social Responsibility Judith Freedman
Laws, Foreign Laws, and Facts Richard Fentiman
The World Trade Organization After Ten Years: The Role of the WTO in a Globalized World John Jackson
Better Regulation in Europe Jonathan B. Wiener


CLP 2003 Volume 58 - 2005 - Contents  
Unlawful Combatants: Military Detention, Terrorism, and the Rule of Law Daniel A Farber
Human Rights in an Age of of Counter-terrorism: Injurious, Irrelevant, or Indispensible? Conor Gearty
The Extra-territorial Application of the Human Rights Act Ralph Wilde
When Judges Fail Justice Edwin Cameron
Prosecutors, Courts, and Conduct of the Accused which Engages a Qualified Human Right Jonathan Rogers
Rights relating to Personality, Freedom of the Press, and Private International Law: Some Common Law Comments Robin Morse
When Systems Fail: Parents, Children, and the Quality of Healthcare Jo Bridgeman
Feminist Fever? Cultures of Adversarialism in the Aftermath of the Woolf Reforms Linda Mulcahy
Shifting Familiarity Alison Diduck
Mainstreaming Equality and Diversity in European Union Law and Policy Jo Shaw
Decent Burials for Dead Concepts James Penner
Rights, Liberties, and Duties: Reformulating Hohfeld's Scheme of Legal Relations? Vivienne Brown
Who should make Corporate Law? EC Legislation versus Regulatory Competition John Armour
Consumer Contract Law and General Contract Law: The German Experience Reinhard Zimmermann
he Mark as Expression/The Mark as Property Michael Spence
Re-thinking the Personal Work Contract Mark Freedland
Biotechnology, Biodiversity, and International Law Catherine Redgwell
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CLP 2003 Volume 57 - 2004 - Contents  
Why English Jurisprudence is Analytical NEIL DUXBURY
On Not Expecting the Spanish Inquisition: The Uses of Comparative Legal History ANDREW LEWIS
Is the Adversary System Really Dead? Dilemmas of Legal Ethics as Legal Institutions and Roles Evolve CARRIE MENKEL-MEADOW
European Regulation of GMOs: Thinking about Judicial Review in the WTO JOANNE SCOTT
Fixing the limits of EC Competition Law: State action and the accommodation of the public services JOSH HOLMES
Democracy, Rights and the Constitution - New Directions in the Human Rights Era COLM O'CINNEIDE
The Privatisation of British Railways: Regulatory Failure or Legal Failure? TONY PROSSER
Use, Time and Entitlement ALISON CLARKE
Innocent Misrepresentation in Contract MICHAEL BRIDGE
Does Choice of Law Make Any Sense? JONATHAN HARRIS
Administrative Receivership and Administration - An Analysis RIZWAAN JAMEEL MOKAL
Company and Capital Markets Law: Taking Stock of European Integration BEN PETTET
Whose Death is it Anyway: Euthanasia and the Medical Profession EMILY JACKSON
Xenotransplantation: A Pig in a Poke? SHEILA A.M. MCLEAN and LAURA WILLIAMSON
Re-Thinking Kinship: Constituting the Animal Body in Law MARIE FOX
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CLP 2003 Volume 56 - 2003 - Contents  
Jeremy Bentham, The Principle of Utility, and Legal Positivism Philip Schofield
The Jurisprudence of Genesis George Fletcher
The Central Questions of Legal Philosophy Julie Dickson
In the Interests of Justice: A Comparative Perspective on Access to Legal Services and Accountability of the Legal Profession Deborah Rhode
Principle of Policy? The Judicial Development of the Law of Delict Joseph Thomson
Private Life and Public Interest Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers
Tort Law and Feminist Critique Joanne Conaghan
Fair Trials and Safe Convictions Ian Dennis
Sentencing Guidelines: Past, Present, and Future Martin Wasik
Kuwait Airways Corp. v Iraqi Airways Corp.: The Territoriality principle in Private International Law: Vice or Virtue Pippa Rogerson
The Restatement Third, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment at Midpoint Mark Gergen
Is there a Limit to the Expansion of Small Claims? John Baldwin
Reflections on the Relationship between Law and masculinities: Rethinking the 'Man Question' in Legal Studies Richard Collier
The Constitutional Challenge of New Governance in the European Union Grainne de Burca
The Growing Influence of the European Union on International Family Law: a View from the Boundary Nigel Lowe
Global Governanvce and the International Judiciary: Choosing our Judges Philippe Sands Q.C.
War, Terrorism, and International Law Christopher Greenwood
Political Violence and Commercial Risk Clive Walker
A Time to be Born and a Time to Die Michael Freeman
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CLP 2002 Volume 55 - 2002 - Contents  
Evolution For Our Time: A Theory of Legal Memetics Simon Deakin
Freedom as Normative Condition, Freedom as Physical Fact Matthew Kramer
Intimations of Immorality - The Ethics and Justice of Life Extending Therapies John Harris
The Rule of Law for Everyone? Brian Tamanaha
The Third University and Roman Law John Baker
Towards an English Constitution Brigid Hadfield
The Future of English Private Transactional Law Michael Bridge
Integrating Equality and the Common Law Sarah Worthington
In Rem Claims to Wealth and Surviving Value Peter Jaffey
Rethinking the Law of Evidence: The Twenty-First Agenda for Teaching and Research Paul Roberts
Remedying Workplace Harassment Lizzie Barmes
Extinguishing The Flames of The Pheonix Company Stephen Griffin
Rethinking Jurisdiction and Judgements Peter North
The Quest for Global Insolvency Laws: A Challenge for Our Time Ian F. Fletcher
Regulation and Expropriation Vaughan Lowe
The Definition(s) of Torture in International Law Nigel S. Rodley
What Future for the Centralized Enforcement of Community Law? Ian Harden
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CLP 2001 Volume 54 – 2001: Contents  
Reasoning with Rules Joseph Raz, Professor of the Philosophy of Law, University of Oxford; Fellow of Balliol College
Of Bulldogs and Soapy Sams: The Common Law and Evolutionary Theory Allan C. Hutchinson and Simon Archer, Professor and Student, Class of 2001, of Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Ontario
Bentham and Human Rights The Rt Hon Lord Hoffman, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary
Authoritarianism in Government and Administration: The Promise of Alternative Justice Dennis Galligan, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies and Director of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford, and Professorial Fellow Wolfson College
Decentring Regulation: Understanding the Role of Regulation and Self-Regulation in a ‘Post-Regulatory World’ Julia Black, Reader in Law, London School of Economics and Political Science
Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Review Paul Craig, Professor of Law, University of Oxford; Fellow of St John’s College
Open all Hours: The Impact of the Labour Government’s Legislation on the Freedom of Information Patrick Birkenshaw
Scots and English Law: The Case of Contract Hector L. MacQueen, Professor of Private Law, University of Edinburgh
Property, Unjust Enrichment, and Tracing Peter Birks, Regius Professor of Civil Law, University of Oxford; Fellow of All Souls College
Riddles, Remedies, and Restitution: Quantifying Gain in Unjust Enrichment Law Kit Barker, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Southampton
The Structure of Provocation Alan Norrie, Edmund Davies Professor of Criminal Law and Justice, King’s College London
Is Restorative Justice the Way Forward for Criminal Justice? Andrew Ashworth, Vinerian Professor of English Law, University of Oxford; Fellow of All Souls College
Hoist With His Own Petard’?, Guilty Lies and Ironic Interferences in Criminal Proof David Hamer, Lecturer in Law, University of New England, New South Wales, Australia
Reforming Mental Health Laws: Principle or Pragmatism? Genevra Richardson, Professor of Public Law, Queen Mary’s College, University of London
Jurisdiction In Civil and Commercial Matters: Is There a Third Way? Jonathon Hill, Professor of Law, University of Bristol
Repatriation and Deaccessioning of Cultural Property: Reflections on the Resolution of Art Disputes Norman Palmer, Professor of Commercial Law, University College London
Dividing the Assets on Family Breakdown: The Content of Fairness Rebecca Bailey-Harris, Professor of Law, University of Bristol
The United Nations Decade for the Elimination of Poverty: What Role for International Law? Christine Chinkin, Professor of International Law, London School of Economics and Political Science
Unity or Division: The Search for Similarities in Contempory European Law Basil Markesinis, Professor of Common and Civil Law, University College London; Jamail Regents Chair of Law, University of Texas at Austin
Regulating in a Risky Environment Richard Macrory, Professor of Environmental Law, University College London
Looking Backward: Amercian Law in the Twentieth Century Laurence M. Friedman, Marion Rice Kirkwood, Professor of Law, Stanford University
Mr Bentham is Present The Rt Hon Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary

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CLP 2000 Volume 53 2000 - Contents  
The Virtue of Justice and the Character of Law John Gardner
Why the Law is Just Stephen Guest
What do the Top Courts Do? Andrew Le Sueur and Richard Cornes
Judging Democracy: The Role of the Judiciary Under the Human Rights Act Sandra Fredman
The Desire for Meaning in Law and Literature James Boyd White
New Age: Rediscovering Natural Law Jane Holder
Exceptional Women or Honorary Men?: Notes from the Women Law Professors’ Project Celia Wells
Mistakes of Law Peter Birks
The Death of Ownership and the Demise of Property Paul Kohler
Appointments and Disappointments: White v Jones in Rome and Today David Johnston
Cross-Fertilization in Private International Law James Fawcett
Political Libels Ian Loveland
Time for a Paradigm Shift?: Medical Law in Transition Jonathan Montgomery
The Lack of Principles in Labour Law Roger Rideout
Hearing a ‘Different Voice’: Third-Party Intervention in Criminal Appeals Andrea Loux
Family Rights in the Next Millenium Andrew Bainham
The End of the Century of the Child? Michael Freeman
The Work of the Law Commission Dame Mary Arden
New Strategies for Managing the EC’s Internal Market Stephen Weatherill
The United Nations Collective Security System and the Establishment of Peace Danesh Sarooshi
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CLP 1999 Volume 52 1999 - Contents  
Good Faith in Private Law Jane Stapleton, Professor of Law, Law Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University
Breach of Contract and the Meaning of Loss Ewan McKendrick, Professor of English Law, University College London
'The Law of Business Rome’: Foundations of the Anglo-American Tort of Negligence; The J. A. C. Thomas Lecture David Ibbetson, Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford
What is the Point of Libel Law? Eric Barendt, Professor of Media Law, University College London
The Press, the Courts, and the Constitution A. T. S. Smith, Professor of Criminal and Public Laws, University of Cambridge
Legal Duties to Give Reasons A. P. Le Sueur, Reader in Laws, University College London
Restructuring Administrative Justice? The Redress of Citizens’ Grievances Martin Partington, Professor of Law and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Director, Centre for the Study of Administrative Justice, University of Bristol
The Impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 upon Administrative Law R. C. Austin, Senior Lecturer in Law, University College London
Death, Dying, and the Human Rights Act 1998 Michael Freeman, Professor of English Law, University College London
The Enforcement of Human Rights in Employment Roger Rideout, Professor of Labour Law, University College London
Charity in Its Political Voice: A Tinkling Cymbal or a Sounding Brass? G. F. K. Santow, Justice of the Supreme Court, New South Wales, Australia
Trusting the Judges: Money after Divorce Stephen Cretney, Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford
Towards a Feminization of the Corporation? Sally Wheeler, Professor of Business Law and Society, University of Leeds
Liberty, Responsibility, Maternity Margaret Brazier, Professor of Law, University of Manchester
Learning the Law of Lawyering Kim Economides, Reader in Law, University of Exeter
Legal Ethics and Legal Aid Richard O’Dair, Senior Lecturer in Law, University College London
The Evolution of the EC’s Role in Investor Protection Niamh Moloney, Lecturer in Law, Queen’s University Belfast
The United Nations System for Maintaining Internation Peace: What Role for Regional Organizations such as NATO? Danesh Sarooshi, Lecturer in Public International Law, University College London

Volume 51 1998 - Contents  
Imagining Bentham: A Celebration William Twining, Research Professor of Law and Chairman, Bentham Committee, University College London
The Dialectic of Might and Right: Legal Positivisms and Constitutional Change Neil MacCormick, Regius Professor of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations, University of Edinburgh
Legal Positivism and Deliberative Democracy Tom Campbell, Professor of Law, Australian National University; Visiting Professor, King’s College London
Custom Redeemed by Statute Jeremy Waldron, Maurice and Hilda Friedman, Professor of Law, Columbia University
Jeremy Bentham: Legislator of the World Philip Schofield, Reader in the History of Legal & Political Thought, University College London
Norms, Reasons, and Law Gerald J. Postema, Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kelsen Tomorrow Iain Stewart, Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Macquarie University
Law and Correctness Robert Alexy, Professor of Public Law and Legal Philosophy, Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel
On The Supposed Defeasibility of Legal Rules Frederick Schauer, Academic Dean and Frank Stanton Professor of the First Amendment, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Inclusion and Exclusion: Citizens, Subjects, and Outlaws R. A. Duff, Professor of Philosophy, University of Stirling
Practical Reason and Incompletely Theorized Agreements Cass R. Sunstein, Karl N. Llewellyn Distinguished Service Professor of Jurisprudence, University of Chicago
Bentham and Recent Work in Natural Law: Towards Reconstructing an Unstilted Theory Anthony J. Lisska, Professor of Philosophy, Denison University
Justice, Law, and Ronald Dworkin: Jurisprudence at the End of The Century Stephen Guest, Professor of Legal Philosophy, University College London
Law and Community: A New Relationship? Roger Cotterrell, Professor of Legal Theory, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London
After Privatisation? The Many Autonomies of Private Law Gunther Teubner, Otto Kahn Freund Professor of Comparative Law and Legal Theory, London School of Economics
The Bentham Presidential Address: Bentham’s Influence on the Law and Economics Movement Richard A. Posner, Chief Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit; Senior Lecturer, University of Chicago Law School
Bentham As Proto-Feminist? Or An Ahistorical Fantasy on ‘Anarchical Fallacies’ Nicola Lacey, Professor of Criminal Law, London School of Economics
Critical Race Theory: Past, Present, and Future Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, Jean N; Lindsley Professor of Law and Research Associate in Law, University of Colorado
Bentham, Truth and Semiotics of Law; The J. A. C. Thomas Lecture Bernard S. Jackson, Alliance Professor of Modern Jewish Studies, University of Manchester
Some Jurisprudential Foundations of Critical Legal Studies and Feminist Legal Theory Frances Elisabeth Olsen, Professor of Law, University of California Los Angeles; Overseas Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge

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Volume 50 1997 - Contents  
To commemorate the golden anniversary in 1996-1997, the lectures explored developments in the law over the past fifty years to give a critical analysis of where the law now stands.
The Changing Constitution in the 1990s Dawn Oliver
English Contract Law: A Rich Past, An Uncertain Future Ewan McKendrick
Negligence: The Search for Coherence Bob Hepple
Restitution: Where Do We Go From Here? Andrew Burrows
Property Law: Re-establishing Diversity Alison Clarke
Understanding Civil Justice Hazel Genn
Restraining the State: Politics, Principle and Judicial Review Jeffrey Jowell
The Critical Condition of Criminal Law Ian Dennis
The Globalization of Crime and Criminal Justice: Prospects and Problems David Nelken
The Stirring of Corporate Social Conscience: From ‘Cakes and Ale’ to Community Programmes Ben Pettet
Family Values and Family Justice Michael Freeman
Industrial Relations – The Empire Strikes Back Roger Rideout
Roman Law in the Middle of its Third Millenium Andrew Lewis
International Law in The Past Half Century – And The Next? Maurice Mendelson

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