Current Legal Issues

Professor Michael Freeman has overseen the conception and development of a companion volume to Current Legal Problems, entitled Current Legal Issues. With Andrew Lewis as General Editor, Current Legal Issues is based upon an annual interdisciplinary and international colloquium held at UCL since 1996. To date, Current Legal Issues has held international colloquia (and subsequently published volumes) on:

  • Law and Language (publication date tbc)
  • Law and Childhood Studies (est. publication date 2012)
  • Law and Neuroscience (pub. 2010)
  • Law and Anthropology (pub. 2009, colloquium jointly held with the UCL Department of Anthropology)
  • Law and Bioethics (pub. 2008)
  • Law and Philosophy (pub. 2007)
  • Law and Psychology (pub. 2007, event jointly held with the Department of Psychology at Birkbeck College)
  • Law and Sociology (pub. 2006)
  • Law and Popular Culture (pub. 2005)
  • Law and History (pub. 2004, with participation by Professor David d’Avray, History)
  • Law and Geography (pub. 2003, jointly organised with Dept of Geography)
  • Law and Religion (pub. 2001)
  • Law and Medicine (pub. 2000)
  • Law and Literature (pub. 1999. with participation by Professor John Sutherland, English)
  • Law and Science (pub. 1998, with participation by Professor Lewis Wolpert, Anatomy)

Both Current Legal Problems and Current Legal Issues are published by Oxford University Press.

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2011 - Law and Language
2010 - Law and Childhood Studies
2009 - Law and Neuroscience
2008 - Law and Anthropology
2007 - Law and Bioethics
2006 - Law and Philosophy
2005 - Law and Psychology
2004 - Law and Sociology
2003 - Law and Popular Culture
2002 - Law and History
2001 - Law and Geography
2000 - Law and Religion