Centre for Governance and Law in Europe

Centre for Law and Governance in Europe

PhD Students

The Centre for Law and Governance in Europe welcomes prospective PhD students in all areas of European Union Law and Governance. We also welcome students working from an inter-disciplinary or socio-legal perspective.

Prospective students may wish to contact one of the co-Directors for further information.

Current Students

Gijsbert ter Kuile Gijsbert is researching the legislative procedures to scrutinise respect for fundamental rights and their effect on the intensity of judicial review. Professor Dawn Oliver
Cristina Poncibo Cristina is working on comparative consumer protection and federalism in the EU and the US. Professor Joanne Scott
Jaruprapa Rakpong Ja is working on EU food safety regulation and EU/Thai trade relations. Professor Joanne Scott
Thomas Ricard Thomas is working on the principle of competitive neutrality. Dr Ioannnis Lianos
Olivia Woolley Olivia is looking into the potential for obligations of states under international and European law and particularly those concerning the protection of marine species, of existing uses of the sea by other states, and of the marine environment to restrict the development of offshore renewable energy generation in European waters. Her research will explore how obstacles to offshore development might be addressed including through the use of marine spatial planning techniques. Professor Jane Holder