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UCL Faculty of Laws has broad range of opportunities for students to get involved in, including providing free legal services to those that would not otherwise be able to afford it, community outreach, public legal education, mentoring, fundraising and working in partnership with legal charities.

Pro Bono Student

Pro Bono opportunities at the UCL Centre for Access to Justice can be divided into four broad streams: Access to Justice, Public Legal Education, Widening Participation and Human Rights. Students may also contribute to the UCL Centre for Access to Justice Blog.

On this page is a list of opportunities for the year 2016-2017. New opportunities will arise throughout the year, so check this page and your UCL e-mail regularly for updates. You can also follow the UCL Centre for Access to Justice on Facebook and Twitter.

Access to Justice Projects:

  • The UCL Legal Clinic at the Guttmann Centre for Health and Wellbeing
  • FreeLaw Shadowing Scheme
  • City of London Criminal Appeals Clinic
  • LLM Social Welfare Clinic

Public Legal Education Projects:

  • Grassroots Human Rights Project

Widening Participation Projects:

  • IntoUniversity Buddy Days
  • City and Islington Law Support Group Mentor
  • UCL CAJ Access to Justice Summer School Mentors

Human Rights Projects:

  • inFrinGeMent
  • Lawyers without Borders

The UCL Centre for Access to Justice Blog

**New for 2016/17**

Are you or have you been involved in pro bono projects? Are you passionate about access to justice and human rights issues? Would you like to improve your written communication skills and publish your experiences and ideas on an online platform? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then read on to learn more about a new and exciting project for UCL students.

The UCL CAJ is currently recruiting student contributors to write posts on the new Centre for Access to Justice Blog.

For more information about the project and how to apply, please visit this page.

Access to Justice Projects

The UCL Legal Advice Clinic (LAC) at the Guttmann Centre 

Based in the Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health and Wellbeing Centre, the UCL LAC offers students the opportunity to provide face to face advice under the supervision of qualified advisers in welfare, benefits and housing to members of the local community most in need of assistance. The clinic will also be part of the Faculty's world leading access to justice research agenda.

Students roles in this clinic will include Clinic Receptionists, General Advisers and Research Assistants. Working in the Guttmann, students will gain valuable hands on experience and develop a greater understanding of legal needs while providing a much needed service to one of England's most deprived boroughs. 

For more information about the clinic and how to apply please visit this page

FreeLaw Shadowing Scheme

As part of the FreeLaw Shadowing Scheme, students attend FreeLaw Advice Centre sessions with lawyers from Clifford Chance throughout first and second term. Cases deal with all areas of law across the social welfare spectrum (housing, benefits, employment and family law). During this time, students have the opportunity to observe advice giving as well as being tasked with carrying out ad hoc pieces of research or drafting for the solicitors as requested.

For more information about the project and how to apply, please visit this page.

City of London Criminal Appeals Clinic

**New for 2016/17**

A 2008 study found that two out of three applicants to the Criminal Cases Review Commission did not have legal assistance. Those applications made with a lawyer were twice as likely to have their case referred back to the Court of Appeal. The Criminal Appeals Clinic, run in partnership with Hughmans solicitors, combines the skills and experience of practicing criminal lawyers with students and volunteers to investigate complex criminal cases of apparent miscarriages of justice.

Students will undertake a six week course in appeal litigation while concurrently working on casework alongside experienced criminal lawyers.

For more information about the project and how to apply, please visit this page.

LLM Social Welfare Clinic

In partnership with the Free Representation Unit (FRU), students at the Social Welfare LLM Clinic will be working on appellate social security cases to the Upper Tribunal. This essentially means working on cases on behalf of clients who are appealling the decision to have their benefits entitlements withdrawn or denied.

For more information about the project and how to apply, please visit this page.

Public Legal Education Projects

Grassroots Human Rights Project

In association with the Voluntary Services Unit, the UCL Grassroots Human Rights project focuses on educating young people in local state schools about their human rights. Through working with students from underprivileged backgrounds on human rights issues around the world and at home, the project hopes to raise awareness about human rights and at the same time inspire them to pursue a university education in the future.

Grassroots is a student-led initiative for which both law and non-law students can participate. Volunteers will deliver a 4 to 8 week curriculum in schools with seminars ranging from the history of human rights, to specific rights such as stop and search or right to life, as well as the implementation of human rights both in the UK and internationally.

For more information about the project and how to apply, please visit this page.

Widening Participation Projects

IntoUniversity Buddy Days

The aim of this project is to inspire secondary school students from widening participation backgrounds to view university as a viable opportunity and develop positive ambitions for their futures, helping them to fulfil their full potential. Two UCL students are allocated to one group for the day and they conduct tours on campus, give presentations and run workshops on a law related topic.

For more information about the project and how to apply, please visit this page.

City and Islington College Law Support Group Mentor

For the past eight years, a UCL Law undergraduate (in their second, third, or fourth year) has volunteered as a Law Support Group Mentor at City and Islington College. The participants in the group are in year 12 studying their A Levels and many are interested in studying law at university.

The purpose of the five sessions is to give students insight into different areas of law as well as a realistic idea of what to expect when studying law. Previous mentors have concentrated on interesting topics/cases that are easy to engage with (CIC does not offer Law as a subject, and the students have little/no legal knowledge), which had an ethical issue involved.

For more information about the project and how to apply, please visit this page.

UCL CAJ Access to Justice Summer School Mentors

The Access to Justice summer school is aimed at students in Year 12 from widening participation backgrounds who are interested in studying law at university. The Summer School will run in August 2017.

Students can volunteer as mentors for participants in the summer school. Recruitment will take place in 2017, dates TBC.

For more information, please visit this page.

Human Rights Projects


**New for 2016/17**

inFrinGeMent is an organisation aimed at educating, empowering and informing professionals and members of the community about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM hereafter), with a particular focus on the law surrounding it.

inFrinGeMent provides education and training in FGM and the law surrounding FGM, with the aim of showing how the law can be used as protection and safeguard against FGM practice in the United Kingdom. The education and training will explain what FGM is, assess the law and break down the responsibilities it puts in place, as well as explain the implications of the law.

For more information about the project and how to apply, please visit this page.

Lawyers without Borders Student Division at UCL

This is your chance to support an NGO from your university! Lawyers without Borders (LWOB) has been active for 15 years developing and strengthening the global rule of law through capacity building and programming. Through the LWOB Student Division at UCL you can support international rule of law programming aimed at improving access to justice around the world.

**Further details to be released in due course.**

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