Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Nigel Balmer is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Empirical Legal Studies, Faculty of Laws. He holds a Ph.D. from John Moores Univeristy and a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Stirling. He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, a Member of the American Statistical Association and an Honorary Fellow of John Moores University. He has brought his statistical expertise to bear on a range of projects in the field of empirical legal studies, including the Jury Decision-Making Research Programme and the Tribunals for Diverse Users project. He has also made a critical contribution to the development of the English and Welsh Civil and Social Justice Survey, a continuous large-scale survey of the public’s experience of the civil law. His research interests focus on research methods and applied statistics. Recent publications include Changing Fortunes: Results from a Randomised Control Trial of the Offer of Debt Advice in England and Wales (2007, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies), Worried Sick: The Experience of Debt Problems and their Relationship with Health, Illness and Disability (2006, Social Policy and Society), Multiple Justiciable Problems: Common Clusters, Problem Order and Social and Demographic Indicators (2004, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies), and The Experience of Clinical Negligence Within the General Population (2003, Clinical Risk)

Faculty of Laws, University College London
Bentham House, Endsleigh Gardens, London WC1H 0EG
Telephone: 020 7679 7000