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Emeritus Professor of Comparative Legal History
Principal Research Associate

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Andrew Lewis's main areas of interest are Roman Law, Legal History and Jurisprudence. He is Joint Organiser of the London Legal History Seminar and Area Editor for Roman law for the forthcoming Oxford Encyclopaedia of Legal History.

Andrew Lewis is currently working on an extended history of the law of tithes from the eighth to the nineteenth century. He has recently been engaged in the publication of two series of papers, one on The Zong for the Journal of Legal History, now published, and a second on the Pitcairn Island case, Christian v The Queen, under consideration by OUP. He has recently completed an edition (with Dr Iris Cox) of Montesquieu's Collectio Juris for the Société Montesquieu. An edition of Bentham's Introduction to the Rationale of Evidence is pending with the Bentham Project.


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  • “The Dutiful Legatee: Pliny, Letters V.1” in Beyond Dogmatics, ed. John W. Cairns and Paul du Plessis, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2007, 125
  • Ed (with Paul Brand and Paul Mitchell), Law in the City: proceedings of the seventeenth British Legal History Conference, London, 2005 Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2007
  • “When is a Tax not a Tax but a Tithe?” Studies in Tax Law II, ed. J. Tiley, Oxford: Hart Publications, 2007, 235
  • “The College of Prebends at Endellion and the Living of Littleham near Bideford” (2006) Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, 22
  • “Advocatio: a postponement in iure” in Ex Iusta Causa,. UNISA, South Africa, 2005
  • ed. (with Iris Cox) Montesquieu's Collectio Juris, two volumes (vols 11 & 12 of the Complete Works of Montesquieu), Oxford: The Voltaire Foundation, 2005.
  • "On not expecting the Spanish Inquisition: on the uses of Comparative legal history" [2004] Current Legal Problems, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005.
  • (with Michael Lobban) Law and History, Current Legal Issues, vol. 6, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004.
  • “Montesquieu between Law and History” in Law and History, Lewis and Lobban, edd., 85

Current Teaching
World Legal Orders
Legal History

Ph.D Supervision
Andrew Lewis welcomes approaches for supervision from prospective PhD students in the field of legal history.

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