Rike Kraemer  

DAAD Lektor, PhD

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Email: u.kraemer@ucl.ac.uk

Rike Kraemer joined the Faculty in September 2012. She was formerly a research associate at the collobarative research center „Transformations of the State“ at Bremen University and an Emile Noël Fellow at the Jean Monnet Center at New York University. She received her First and Second State Exam in Bremen and has been trained in Germany and in the Netherlands.

Rike's main research interests fall broadly in the field of international and European economic law and governance, environmental law in general as well as constitutional law. Her current work focuses on comparative federalism and the coordination of environmental policy goals in trade law, especially in the field of procurement law.


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  • Krämer, Rike U. (2014) “Trade and” Environment: Diagonal Conflicts in WTO, EU and U.S. Procurement Law, Jean Monnet Working Paper, No 13/14 [http://www.jeanmonnetprogram.org/papers/14/documents/JMWP13Kraemer.pdf].

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