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Gillian Morris   GILLIAN MORRIS
Honorary Professor

Gillian Morris joined the Faculty of Laws as an Honorary Professor in September 2013. Professor Morris has specialised in employment law since obtaining her  PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1978. She held a number of full-time academic posts, most recently as Professor of Law at Brunel University, before deciding in 2003 to pursue additional opportunities in the fields of employment law and industrial relations in which she has performed several high profile roles.  

Professor Morris is the author or co-author of several books, including Labour Law (6th edn, 2012),  and numerous articles in leading journals including the Industrial Law Journal, Public Law, Law Quarterly Review, and Oxford Journal of Legal Studies.  She is a member of the editorial board of the Industrial Law Journal and of Public Law. She is a barrister at Matrix Chambers; Deputy Chairman of the Central Arbitration Committee; Deputy Chair of the Police Negotiating Board and Police Advisory Board for England and Wales; a member of the Acas Panel of Arbitrators; and a former Chair of the NHS Pay Review Body. Professor Morris has acted as a Labour Law Expert for the International Labour Organisation and as an expert adviser to the European Commission.


Professor Morris’ research interests cover all areas of employment law, although she has specialised for much of her career in collective labour law and public employment law.


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