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Mark Freedland FBA joined the UCL Faculty of Laws as an Honorary Professor in 2012. Mark Freedland was first initiated to labour law (or ‘Industrial Law’ as it was then called) as an undergraduate student of Professor Roger Rideout, here at UCL, in 1963-66. Following postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford (under the tutelage of Sir Otto Kahn-Freund) he went on to become a Professor in Employment Law at Oxford, and a leading authority in the fields of Labour Law and Public law, writing – among the other things - some of the academic publications that have literally shaped our understanding of labour law in general, and of the contract of employment in particular.

A founding member of the Industrial Law Society (and of its key publication, the Industrial Law Journal), an Emeritus Research Fellow at St John’s College, Oxford, and a Bencher of Grey’s Inn, Mark Freedland remains actively involved in a number of research projects, many of which are running under the auspices of the UCL Labour Rights Institute.

Mark Freedland’s research interests combine the two fields of employment law and public law. On the employment law side, he is especially interested in all aspects of the law of the contract of employment, and in the law relating to employment and training policy. He has been engaged in producing studies for the European Commission on the scope of EU Equality Directives, and for the International Labour Organisation on the scope of employment protection legislation. On the public law side, his work concentrates on the law relating to public services.

Employment Law LLB

Journal Articles
M R Freedland, 'Employment equality and personal work relations – a critique of Jivraj v Hashwani' (2012) 56 Industrial Law Journal
M R Freedland, 'From the Contract of Employment to the Personal Work Nexus' (2006) 35(1) Industrial Law Journal 1

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