Kythera Island Project

Sponsors and Thanks

KIP research has been authorised (by the issue of relevant permits from 1998 to present) by the Greek Ministry of Culture and, where necessary, by the Institute of Geological and Metallurgical Research. Our thanks to both organizations.

Our fieldwork has been facilitated and encouraged by the 2nd Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, its Ephor Georgios Steinhauer, and its representative on Kythera Aris Tsaravopoulos, as well as the 1st Ephoreia of Byzantine Antiquities, its Ephor Eleni Gini-Tsofopoulou and its representative on Kythera Marina Papadimitriou. We are extremely grateful for their frequent assistance and broad knowledge of the island's past and present. On Kythera, we would also like to thank Antonis Pissis, Nikos Kominos and Alexandra Petrocheilou (Archaeological Museum, Chora) and Nikos Vardas (1st Ephoreia of Byzantine Antiquities, Livadi) for facilitating our work in a variety of ways.

Archival and historical research continues to rely on encouragement from Chryssa Maltezou (Director of the Istituto Ellenico di Studi Bizantini e Postbizantini di Venezia). Logistical support and a wealth of local information has been provided by Eleni Charou and the staff of the Topiko Archeio Kythiron, director Michalis Megalokonomos. Our thanks again to them for their help at many stages. Research on modern pottery traditions owes a huge debt to Koula Dassiou, Yiannis Yianniotis ('Rousos') and his family, contemporary potters of Kythera.

Since its inception, KIP has received constant support in many forms from the British School at Athens. We are especially grateful to David Blackman and James Whitley (past and present BSA Directors), Gerald Cadogan, Lin Foxhall and Peter Warren (past and present BSA Chairpersons) and the staff of the London and Athens offices.

We would further like to thank our predecessors and contemporaries in the exploration of Kythera's past: Nicolas Coldstream, George Huxley, Adonis Kyrou, Yannis Sakellarakis and Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki, Theodoros Koukoulis, and Ioannis Petrocheilos. We hope to contribute to this already-rich tradition of archaeological research.

Our final thanks to local people who make Kythera such a wonderful environment in which to conduct a research project, in particular the village of Mitata (and especially our hosts Toula and Thanassis Sklavou) and the people of 'Skandeia'.

The following institutions and individuals (in alphabetical order) offered KIP their generous financial support:

Arts and Humanities Research Board (1999-2002)
British School at Athens (1998-2003)
Central Research Fund, University of London (1998)
Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge (1998-2001)
Fitch Laboratory, British School at Athens (1998-2003)
Graduate School, University College London (1998)
Institute for Aegean Prehistory (1998-2003)
Institute of Archaeology, University College London (1998-2003)
Keble College, University of Oxford (2000-2003)
Leverhulme Trust (2001-3)
Mediterranean Archaeological Trust (2001-2002)
National Geographic Society (2001)
Notaras, Mitch
School of Archaeology, University of Oxford (2000-2003)
Society of Antiquaries of London (1998, 2000)
Vlandis, Peter

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