Kythera Island Project

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For more on-line information about Kythera, please consult the following selected sites:

18-19th century boat graffitto on tile
Graffito of 18th-19th century boat found on a tile from Agios Georgios tou Vounou (incised marks enhanced for clarity). Photography by A. Bevan 2003.
A cultural archive of Kytheran stories, photographs, recipes, maps, oral histories, biographies, historical documents, songs and poems, with the support of the Kytherian Association of Australia. A really well-designed initiative to connect the Kytheran diaspora communities around the world.

Kythera Cultural Association and Photographic Archive
The Kythera Cultural Association was founded in 2003 to promote cultural activities of all kinds on the island of Kythera. Their webpages (hosted by list the Association's current activities and provide access to an important and growing photographic archive of Kytheran people and places.

Voyage to Kythera
A general site on Kythera and Kytheran culture, with lots of links to other areas of interest.

A Village on Kythera
A beautiful set of photographs and stories about the life and people of Kythera, especially the village of Mitata (coincidently KIP's homebase).

The Australian Paliochora-Kythera Archaeological Survey (APKAS)
A separate archaeological survey project (University of Sydney and Ohio State University) focusing on the northern part of the island and with a particular interest in the landscape surrounding the abandoned Byzantine settlement of Palaiochora. The APKAS website offers an outline of research goals, summary of personnel, contact details and a discussion of the history and relevance of the site of Palaiochora.

For on-line information on other major survey projects in the region, please consult the following sites (the list is not comprehensive):

Nemea Valley Archaeological Project (NVAP) Archaeological Survey
Includes introduction, map gallery and extended discussion of the valley in the Mycenaean period.

Mallakastra Regional Archaeological Project (MRAP)
Includes introduction, detailed interim reports and useful related links for archaeology in Albania.

Pylos Regional Archaeological Project (PRAP)
Includes an introduction and interim reports, as well as on-line databases for sites, small finds and images.

The Sphakia Survey
Includes an introduction on the region and the project's methods, a case-study of a sub-region in the Graeco-Roman period, a detailed section on fabric research and an on-line site database.

Sikyon Survey Project
A bilingual site introducing a range of disciplinary objects and methods related to the survey of the Archaic-Classical city of Sikyon that began in 2004.

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