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  2. Introduction
  3. Archaeological Survey
  4. Research Areas
    1. Archaeometallurgy
    2. Botany
    3. Geoarchaeology
      1. Palaeoenvironment and coastal change
      2. Soil and bedrock mapping
      3. Site integrity and geomorphology
      4. Terracing and its impact
    4. Geographic Information Science
      1. GIS during intensive survey
      2. Scale issues
      3. Second Palace Farmsteads
      4. Post-Medieval land use
    5. Geophysics
    6. Historical Geography
      1. Venetian Parish Records
      2. Travellers to Kythera
      3. The British Schools
    7. Kastri Restudy
    8. Mortuary Landscapes
    9. Pottery
      1. Fabric-Based Approaches & Ceramic Petrology
      2. Prehistoric
      3. Classical-Hellenistic
      4. Roman
      5. Byzantine-Recent
    10. Stone Artefacts
      1. Chipped Stone
      2. Ground Stone
    11. Tholos Excavation
  5. Personnel
    1. Photo Album
  6. Publications
  7. Sponsors & Thanks
  8. Related Links

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How to Use this Site:

The primary way to find your way around this KIP site is by using the menu bar at the top of each page for the main areas: Home, Introduction, Archaeological Survey, Research Areas, Personnel, Publications, Sponsors & Thanks and Related Links. The site menus are designed to expand in two further ways: a menu of individual research areas is provided on the left-hand side of each Research Areas section. More detailed examples of specific research can then often be accessed from a small sub-menu on the right-hand margin.

The best place to start is the Introduction which explains the overall aims and objectives of the Kythera Island Project.

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