Kythera Island Project


Principal Investigator:
Michael Boyd (Fitch Laboratory, BSA)

Ceramic density and resistivity for site 028
Ceramic density (5x5m squares) and resistivity for Site 028
Geophysical investigation of select prehistoric sites was undertaken in January 2002 (an optimal period after rains) using a Geoscan RM-15 resistance meter and FM-36 fluxgate gradiometer. For two sites this investigation produced concrete results. On Site 028 (one of KIP’s best Second Palace farmstead sites), overall coverage of 2719 sq. m revealed a set of compact features compatible with a building and outlying walls under the densest part of the pottery scatter. An analogous feature was also found during the coverage of 2112 sq. m at Site 004, a mainly EBA site with some First Minoanising and possible First Palace material. Results in the Kastraki area of Kastri and on two other sites (002 and 008) were inconclusive, due to a mixture of thin soil, prohibitively high vegetation and noise from modern refuse.
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