Kythera Island Project

Historical Geography

Principal Investigators:
John Bennet (Oxford)
Siriol Davies (Stirling)
Debi Harlan (Oxford)

Chora fortress and town
View of Chora, where the Kytheran historical archives are located. The Venetian fortress is visible, and in the background, a well-known mariner's landmark, the islet of Avgo. Photography by C. Broodbank 2001.
Kythera has extensive historical archives from the Venetian and British periods, including detailed censuses, notarial records and births, marriages and deaths registers. In fact, the Venetian to Recent period offers an exceptional opportunity to integrate the findings and research agendas of a range of KIP specialists, in archival studies, ceramic analysis, geoarchaeology and GIS.

With this embarasssment of riches, research necessarily focuses on selective issues, such as land holding patterns, toponyms, the location and mobility of people, and the degrees, loci and nature of off-island contacts.

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