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Copyright Statement

The Kythera Island Project reserves copyright in all material appearing in its pages accessible through the World Wide Web, unless there is an explicit statement to the contrary for the page in which the material appears (or for the index page of any section in which the material appears).

Permission is given only to copy material appearing in these pages for the purposes of reading them, executing them, or otherwise processing that is directly necessary in order to fulfil the apparent intent of the Kythera Island Project in placing them on the Web. Copies may be held on other systems only for personal reference purposes or for expediting access to them (e.g. storing in caches).

No permission is given to further reproduce or to distribute any material appearing in these pages.

Web Development and Authors

These pages were designed by Andrew Bevan (UCL) and Deborah Harlan (Oxford). The content was written collaboratively by various KIP researchers. We would also like to thank Christophe Helmke and Ash Rennie for their advice and/or assistance.

The pages are written in HTML combined with PHP scripting throughout. PHP is also used as a means of providing a web-based interface with a MySQL database. The home page uses the standard Dublin Core Metadata in order to describe the site and enable intelligent information discovery systems. We advocate the use of open source technologies.

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This site uses Adobe Acrobat Reader which is freely available from Adobe at

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Web Validity and Accessibitlity

All pages on this site support HTML 4.01 Strict [HyperText Markup Language version 4.01 strict DTD]. This is indicated inside the <!doctype> tags on all pages:


All pages on this site feature CSS [Cascading Style Sheets]. Some browsers do not support all the features in CSS and as a consequence, particularly if you are using an older browser, you might experience design irregularities.

The most common browsers that are known to cause trouble with CSS features are the following:

All of the Kythera Island Project web pages have been tested against the standards for Strict HTML and CSS given by World Wide Web Consortium []:

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This site has also been evaluated by the web-site authors on the basis of Priority 1 and 2 items in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 in order to make the Web content of this site accessible to people with disabilities:

Priority 2 Accessibility

Web-Site Privacy statement

The following is a modified version of a statement developed using the OECD Privacy Statement generator:

Modern information and communication technologies play a fundamental role in the Kythera Island Project. We are based in the United Kingdom and our principal activity is archaeological and historical research. Our privacy policy covers the KIP website only.

If you have any privacy concerns or enquiries with regard to this site please contact us.

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