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NHS Permission for Commercially Sponsored Studies at UCLH and The Royal Free 

If your study is commercially sponsored and is looking to take place within UCLH or The Royal Free, your approval will be handled by one of four UCLPartners affiliated Permission Centres for Commercial Research. UCLPartners have been piloting a faster, more efficient process for commercial NHS Permissions since October 2012.

UCLH is one of these Permission Centres, alongside Barts Health, Great Ormond Street Hospital and NoClor. Each Permission Centre coordinates the NHS Permission for all studies falling within a specific Clinical Theme/Speciality. The Permission Centre will provide approval for all UCLPartners affiliated NHS Trusts that are involved with the study within Central and East London.

What does Harmonisation offer?

  • A single costing template
  • A single contract negotiation using the APBI unmodified agreement
  • A single Pharmacy and Radiology review
  • Efficient processes with timelines for approval

For sponsors and investigators this means approvals are granted faster, with one set of reviews and less administrative burden and variance between sites.

Each Permission Centre is supported by named Liaison Officers who work directly with sponsors to provide information and support in completing the approval process. The Liaison Officer will provide guidance and and answer any queries you may have.

Which Permission Centre will review and approve my study/who do I need to contact?

For more information contact one of the Harmonisation Liaison Officers:

Barts Health

Liaison Officer: Liz Clough

Tel: 02078827275

Email: harmonisation@BartsHealth.nhs.uk


Liaison Officer: Subhir Bedi

Tel: 02078297993

Email: UCLPharmonisation@gosh.nhs.uk


Liaison Officer: Emmanuel Rollings-Kamara

Tel: 02033173757

Email: harmonisation.noclor@nhs.net


Liaison Officer: Anjani Parmar

Tel: 02034479879

Deputy Liaison Officer: Neil Hubbard

Tel: 02034477428

Email: Harmonis@uclh.nhs.uk