Biostatistics staff

Professor Rumana Omar

Dr Rumana Omar

Rumana is a Professor of Medical Statistics at the Department of Statistical Science, UCL and head of the Biostatistics Group at the Research Support Centre.  Rumana has collaborated nationally and internationally on large scale observational studies and trials. Her main research interests are: case-mix/risk prediction models, both applied and methodological aspects of cluster randomised trials, analysis of repeated measurements data and meta-analysis.

Dr Gareth Ambler, Senior Lecturer

Dr Gareth Ambler

Gareth holds a joint post between the Biostatistics Group and the Department of Statistical Science at UCL. His main research interests are in the formulation and validation of diagnostic and prognostic models, clinical trials with multivariate outcomes, and clinical trial design.  Gareth is co-investigator on numerous grants from funders such as NIHR, MRC, Wellcome Trust and EU FP7, and is the lead statistician on several clinical trials (both early phase and phase III).

Currently held grants include:

  • RegenVOX: phase I/II clinical trial of stem cell based tissue engineered laryngeal implants (PI: Prof Martin Birchall), MRC (£2,772,000) 
  • Low-dose Intravenous Immunoglobulin Treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (‘LIPS’) randomised controlled trial (PI: Dr Andreas Goebel) NIHR EME (£647,645)
  • Health-Related Quality of Life in two treatment pathways for primary open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension: a randomised controlled trial of initial selective laser trabeculoplasty versus conventional medical therapy (PI: Dr Gus Gazzard) NIHR HTA (£1,692,821)

Dr Julie Barber, Senior Lecturer

Julie holds a joint post between the Biostatistics Group and the Department of Statistical Science at UCL. She has more than 15 years experience of working on randomised trials and large epidemiological studies, taking a lead statistical role. She is a co-investigator on a number of collaborative projects supported by grants from NIHR, HTA and ESRC and covering research areas including mental health, cancer, heart disease, surgery and health services delivery. Julie has a particular interest in statistical issues in design and analysis of trials and in health economic evaluations.

Currently held grants include:

  • The MARQUE project: Managing Agitation and Raising Quality of Life. A project to improve quality of life in people with dementia ESRC/NIHR programme grant (£3.2 million) 
  • The Essence of Specialist Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) Cancer Care NIHR programme grant (£1,995,994) 
  • SAFFRON: Developing a stepped approach to improving sexual function after treatment for gynaecological cancer HTA (£579,387)

Dr Aidan O'Keeffe, Lecturer

Aidan’s main research interests are in longitudinal data analysis and causal inference from observational studies. He has collaborated on many randomised trials and observation studies. 

Current projects include:

  • Valuing Active Life in Dementia (VALID): A large randomised trial concerning the evaluation of community occupational therapy for people with dementia and their family carers.
  • A Phase I trial on the Detection of Apoptosing Retinal Cells (DARC) in glaucoma.