Biostatistics Group

Biostatistics team

Biostatistics Group at the Research Support Centre

Aim of the Biostatistics Group

To design and analyse health studies and conduct research on statistical methodology required for the solution of biomedical problems. 

  • Biostatistics Group staff: 7 statisticians led by a Professor of Medical Statistics. Staff have joint appointments with the UCL Department of Statistical Science, PRIMENT Clinical Trials Unit, Institute of Neurology and Institute of Women’s Health.
  • Expertise: Drug trials (all phases), Complex intervention and Health services trials, Observational studies, Meta-analysis, Development of risk prediction algorithms, Health economic evaluation.

Biostatistics Group activities

1. Collaborate with health researchers on grant applications and research projects:

Statisticians from the group are co-applicants on numerous successful grants from funders such as NIHR, Wellcome Trust and the MRC.

2. Teaching:

3. Advice on Study Design for Research Projects:

4. Research on statistical methodology

Lead applicant on MRC methodology project grants on risk prediction and cost-effectiveness.

5. Statistical review of clinical trial protocols as part of the UCL sponsorship process

How to seek Biostatistics Group collaboration & advice

This is available to biomedical researchers at UCLH and Royal Free Trusts and UCL Medical School (but not to students or for animal studies)

  • Advice is free
  • Statistical collaboration will require funding and involvement from the design stage

Please contact the Biostatistics Group at an early stage ( and leave good time before deadlines (at least 2 months).