Advance Therapies
Creations of vessels

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How long does approval take?

The time it takes to get a study approved is important not only to researchers but also to the sponsors.

The Joint Research Office (JRO) records and monitors approval timelines. Based on 2011 data, the approvals time is likely to be:

  • 85-99 days for externally sponsored studies
  • 16-50 days for studies sponsored by UCL or UCLH.

The median approval time in November 2011 for giving NHS Permission to clinical studies at UCLH was 57 days. The establishment of the R&D Coordinator team is having a positive effect on approval times.

Speeding up approval times for your study

You can improve your chances of a speedy approval by:

  • making sure you have collated a valid project submission at the outset
  • getting the paperwork signed off by your Divisional Clinical Director
  • discussing the project fully with any service support departments involved, such as Imaging, Pathology or Pharmacy.