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Getting Policing Right: International perspectives on securing normative practice and behaviour

Monday 4 June 2018

Dawes Centre research used in Secure by Design

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have published their policy review around Secure by Design for internet connected products ( https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/secure-by-design ), which references the work that Dr John Blythe and Professor Shane Johnson (Dawes Centre) will be doing on the consumer security index project to develop a labelling scheme in conjunction with DCMS.

International Crime Science Conference

This year's International Crime Science Conference will take place on Wednesday 4th July at the British Library in London. The theme of the conference is  Trafficking and exploitation: using science and technology to tackle one of the world’s greatest crime problems.  As ever, the event will showcase leading international research and responses to critical threats.

14 scholarships and open evening 2018

14 scholarships and open evening for UCL’s policing, crime, forensic science and counter-terrorism courses.

Policing in Diversity

‘Policing the metropolis’ has always been considered a challenge. The Metropolitan Police Act 1829 was a response to the difficulty of maintaining order in what was then the largest and probably most rapidly developing city in the world. Fast forward 200 years and, in some ways, the picture remains the same. Global cities such as London are constantly growing and changing, and police in those cities face multiple challenges of speed, intensity, quantity, diversity, and publicity.

Spotlight on Richard Wortley, Director of Jill Dando Institute

10 November 2017

All Your Cards Are Belong To Us Awarded best paper

4 May 2017

Security and Crime Science Graduate - Top 50 Women in Engineering

5 July 2017

We need to talk about home grown extremism too

24 August 2017

Dr Noemie Bouhana - 40 Years of Women at Trinity Hall Cambridge

28 April 2017

Have security devices contributed to drop in burglaries?

30 March 2017

JDI Newsletter launched

This month sees the launch of the new JDI Newsletter.

Forensic Science in Hindi Pulp Fiction

Kartikeya Tripathi, former SCS student and newly appointed teaching fellow, discusses the popularity of crime analysis in Hindi Pulp Fiction.

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