Joint Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies (JFIGS)

Theme Based Conferences

Students and/or staff can apply for up to £1500 for conferences.

Seminar Series

Interdisciplinary seminar series funding is now available.


Up to £500 is available for workshops organised by students and/or staff.

UCL-Yale Collaborative

Yale and UCL partnership including a new exchange programme.

One of the graduate students who is co-organizing the Georgics conference, for which FIGS has provided generous funding, has just been appointed to a research post in Durham... He is quite sure that the organisation of the conference was one of the things that made him attractive to his new employers...

Fiachra Mac Gorain

The Director of JFIGS is, ex officio, the Vice-Dean for Interdisciplinarity, Mary Fulbrook. The role reports to the Dean, and consults as appropriate with the Faculty Graduate Tutor and an Advisory Board.