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Postgraduate Research Studentships

Applications closed for 2014/2015

JFIGS will be offering five Postgraduate Research Studentships for 2014/2015 to graduate students across the Faculties of Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences.

The studentships will comprise £5,000 each covering the UK/EU postgraduate research fee of £4,500 plus £500 cash for the 2014/2015 academic year.

The deadline for submission was the 31st January.

All applications will be assessed and the five strongest that have not been given major awards equivalent to the AHRC fees/maintenance sum (which is currently £27,000 a year for three years) will be offered a FIGS studentship.


The Arts and Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences Joint Faculty Institute for Graduate Studies intends to offer five postgraduate research studentships for students working towards a PhD for the academic year 2014-2015. The awards shall have a value of £5, 000 (covering the UK/EU postgraduate research fee of £4,500 plus £500 cash) and are tenable for ONE YEAR.


• The criterion for this award is academic excellence

• The student nominated must be intending to pursue a course of study or research leading to a PhD postgraduate degree in either of the Faculties of Arts & Humanities or Social & Historical Sciences at University College London

• The studentships are designed for all research students. Each application will be judged on its merits, and an application submitted on behalf of a current award-holder will not in itself guarantee re-selection.

• The value of the studentship is usually deducted from tuition fees at the beginning of the academic session

• Departments are free to supplement the studentships from their own funds, if they wish.

• The award may not be held jointly with an LAHP or Wolfson studentship or a full UCL postgraduate studentship.

• Part time students may apply for FIGS studentships.

Application Process

• Each Department/Centre/Programme (hereafter shortened to Department) in the Faculty is invited to nominate A MAXIMUM OF THREE research students for the award.

• Please send the original UCL PhD application by email to Kim Morgan kim.morgan@ucl.ac.uk

• Nominations should reach the Arts and Humanities Faculty Office by 5 p.m. on 31st January 2014.

• The decision will be made in the course of the summer term by the Joint Faculty Postgraduate Research Studentship Committee, and departments will be notified as promptly as possible.

• The Joint Faculty Postgraduate Research Studentship Committee will also draw up a Faculty reserve list to re-allocate awards in cases where those students awarded a faculty studentship succeed in obtaining a full AHRC or UCL studentship.

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