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Creative Thesis: Exploring the Parameters of the PhD Thesis

11 January 2012

Spring Term 2012

The aim of this programme is to investigate the parameters of the thesis as a Creative Thesis, and in particular the thesis involving a practice element.

The programme aims to explicate issues around research and methodology, and also focus on the possibilities and problems of writing and structuring a PhD thesis.

The varied academic backgrounds of the contributors will open up different possibilities of research methodology, differing relations to theory and modes of writing.

The particular questions of writing will include: punctuation – the full stop, diagrams, the voice of the text, the edited world, possibilities of rhetoric and poetics.

Each workshop will be directed individually by the guest, but will normally include presentations by the contributor, the reading of texts, which will be forwarded to applicants on registration, writing in the workshop and assignments to be completed by the next session, and active participation in discussion.

N.B. Applicants are asked to bring hard copy writing materials, pen/pencil and paper (not laptop). Some of the workshops will also include the opportunity for you to bring short pieces of text addressing particular issues, including problems you may have with thesis writing.

Fri. 13th Jan

the edited world: narrating the actual and the imagined with Gareth Evans 2.00 – 4.30pm

Tues. 17th Jan

my life as a writer, between solitude and plentitude with Abdelkader Benali 2.00 – 4.30pm

Wed. 1st Feb

honesty as some kind of method: selfhood, writing and the practice of being close with Siôn Parkinson 2.00 – 4.30pm

Fri. 24th Feb

the process of exhibition with Jenny Lomax and David Faulkner 10.00 – 1.00pm (at Woburn Square)

Wed. 29th Feb

what is the importance of originality in critical writing? What is the relation of a writer to a reader in critical discourse? A discussion of examples followed by some practice with Tim Mathews 2.00 – 4.30pm

Wed. 7 March

ekphrasis: the relationship between the visual and the verbal with Michelene Wandor 2.00 – 4.30pm

Fri. 9th March

the edited world: narrating the actual and the imagined with Gareth Evans 2.00 – 4.30pm

Wed. 21st March

voice as critical tool with Maria Fusco 2.00 – 4.30pm

Fri. 23rd March

the edited world: narrating the actual and the imagined with Gareth Evans 2.00 – 4.30pm

To Note: On the morning of the 24th February Creative Thesis will take place at The Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square London, WC1H 0AB. All other seminars take place in the art history seminar room, 2nd Floor, Slade School of Fine Art. Go up the central staircase, walk into the rotunda and climb the internal staircase, turn right, go through two sets of double doors, the seminar room is the third door on your left.

Each seminar with Gareth Evans will build and follow on from the previous session and you are advised to attend as many as possible.

To book a place, please contact Laura Kuch:

For more information on Creative Thesis, please visit:

The Creative Thesis project is run by the UCL Slade School of Fine Art.

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