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Between the lines

22 October 2012

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A new podcast series has been established at UCL’s School of European Languages, Culture and Society, organised by Professor Timothy Mathews and Dr Simon Cooke, Post Doctoral Fellow in English at Edinburgh University.

The series features interviews with Professor Mathews and translators, publishers, writers and critics, and seeks to act as a forum for literature and the arts in translation, in which different dimensions of translation take centre stage.

Translators as well as authors discuss their experiences of presenting works to an audience with a different language. These experiences are not just intellectual but often personal and affecting for the listener. Publishers and booksellers discuss how they have discovered literature in different languages and disseminated them. Translation stories about the journeys of works in different languages unfurl, and their journeys in different forms and formats as well.

The interviews are informal in style and appeal to all lovers of literature. The aim is to explore how translation enhances rather than diminishes literature and the arts, and give voice to the intimate and often unheard conversations that translation involves.

To hear the podcasts, see the ones coming up and read more information on participants, please visit:

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