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Friday 28th March 2014

Our society has constructed certain racial boundaries, but it has also contested those racial boundaries, it has even gone as far as crossing those racial boundaries. This Joint FIGS Friday Forum on 'Race' showcases groundbreaking research, by scholars (both staff and students) at UCL, that promises to help us better understand how racial boundaries are constructed, contested, and crossed.

Research regarding race is conducted in both the UCL Faculty of Arts & Humanities and the Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences. This Joint FIGS Friday Forum on 'Race' will begin the process of co-ordinating and consolidating research re race at UCL. Beyond the Joint FFF, a cross-disciplinary community of researchers, in collaborative conversation via the mailing list RRR@UCL (ah-shs-research-re-race@ucl.ac.uk), will continue that process of co-ordination and consolidation, with the assistance of UCL's Equiano Centre.

Constructing Racial Boundaries I

1. The Petrie Museum of 'Race' Archaeology?

Debbie Challis (Petrie Museum of Egyptology)

2. 'The Sickle of Africa': Sickle cell anaemia and race in postcolonial Britain

Grace Redhead (History)

3. Race and Labour in Early Twentieth Century Peru

Paulo Drinot (Institute for the Americas)

4. Racialization of the Caribbean 'coolie'

Tatianna Rodrigues (Geography)

5. The question of 'race' in the 'colour-blind' French republic

Philippe Marlière (French and European Politics)

6. Painting and the representation of gypsies as a distinct race in Britain, 1750-1950

Nicholas Grindle (Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching) 

Constructing Racial Boundaries II

7. Death by Hair: The Haarfarbentafel Killing Machine

Carole Reeves (Science & Technology Studies)

8. The Legacies of British Slave-ownership

Keith McClelland (Legacies of British Slave-ownership)

9. The 'congenital defect' of being Katharina Reinhard, Sinteza / Mischling, in 1936 Frankfurt: Racial Health, Eugenics and the dark past of European Anthropology

Michael Stewart (Anthropology)

10. Good-bye race?: Modern antisemitism, race, and notions of belonging reconsidered

Lars Fischer (German)

No video available

11. Michel Leiris: The Ethnographer Faced with Colonialism

Kevin Inston (French)

12. Race, the sciences, and gender

Helga Satzinger (History)

Contesting Racial Boundaries

13. Race, Identity and the Black Presence in Victorian Britain

Caroline Bressey (Geography)

14. 'Racial Harmony'? The Politics of Race in Contemporary Singaporean Short Stories

Wai-Kit Ow-Yeong (English)

15. Diaspora, race and Art History

Amna Malik (Slade School of Fine Art)

No video available

16. Black Power in the Caribbean Context

Kate Quinn (Institute of the Americas)

17. Labour market discrimination and racial differences in premarket factors

Pedro Carneiro (Economics)

18. BME student attainment at UCL

Shanell Johnson (Black & Minority Ethnic Students' Officer, UCLU) & Teresa McConlogue (Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching)

Crossing Racial Boundaries

19. Where Race, Regeneration, and Injustice Meet

Ben Campkin (Urban Laboratory)

20. Natural, more or less: Do sexual orientation and gender identity deserve the same level of protection as race?

Piotr Godzisz (Slavonic & East European Studies)

21. Re-Biologizing Race? Genetic Ancestry and mestiçagem in Brazil

Sahra Gibbon (Anthropology)

22. Confronting race - between Jews - in Israel's first decade: Dark and Bright, a play by Leon Bernstein (1956)

Michael Berkowitz (Hebrew & Jewish Studies)

23. Miscegenation in Hollywood Cinema

Melvyn Stokes (Film History)

24. Mind the Semantic Gap: Addressing Cultural Difference in Prof Stuart Hall's 'Postracial' Discussions

Elizabeth Harvey (European Languages, Culture & Society)

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