Friday March 15th 2013

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“Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home”

(John Howard Payne,1822)

The lyrics of the famous song “Home! Sweet home!” convey the central relevance of the home to every human being. Our homes shape the courses of our lives to an extent that can hardly be underestimated. Generally the source of positive associations, feeling at home indicates familiarity, comfort, security and therefore well-being and happiness.

However it is precisely its endangering, absence or loss, which clarify its value and meaning. An abstract and highly subjective notion, definitions and understandings of home vary across disciplines.

The home can be analysed as an architectural entity, a historical space or a bundle of social relations.

The concept of home is key to fictional, biographic and socio-political discourses.

At once universal and specific, the rituals, objects and feelings the home is associated with are both very intimate, and widely shared. The diversity of possible perspectives makes it a genuinely interdisciplinary research object.

This event was held on Friday 15 March 2013.


10.00 - 11.00

Modes and strategies of home-making

Clare Bogen (Comparative Literature, English): The Reclaiming of Home from the ‘Unhomely’ in Patricia Grace’s Cousins

Dia Flores (Anthropology): Home – Perspectives from Settled Filipino Immigrants in London

Elizabeth Harvey (Latin American Studies): Home and Identity – The Struggle to lay new Roots in Costa Rica

11.00 - 11.15
Coffee break
11.15 - 12.00

Alternative Homes

Stefanie van Gemert (Comparative Literature, Dutch): Postcolonial Literature and Nostalgias – De-Colonizing the Home of Hella S. Haasse

Christine Finn (Slade): Leave Home Stay: an installation for living in

Joana Ramalho (Centre for Intercultural Studies, Latin American Studies): The Gothic Anti-Home as a Place of Memory and Mourning

12.00 - 12.45

Externalised Homes

Mathelinda Nabugodi (SSEES): Home and Exile: Writing for Percy Bysshe Shelley and Walter Benjamin

Phil Leask (German): Seeking homely environments in the GDR

Mauricio Prado (Anthropology): Digital Communication takes the home out of the house

12.45 - 1.45
Sandwich lunch - provided by FIGS
1.45 - 3.00
Marking and Writing (the) Home

Mererid Puw Davies (German): Writing Home – Representing the Vietnam Conflict in West German Poetry around 1968

Emma Whipday (English): “Concerning Private Dwelling Houses” – The Demarcation of ‘Home’ in Early Modern England’

Georgina Tate (Slade):  Inhabiting Reality

Keith Cheung (English): ‘Speak to me home; mince not the general tongue’: Recovering One’s True Self in ‘Frost at Midnight’

3.00 -

Home as Site of Symbolic Power

Benjamin Passfield (Philosophy): Justice vs Intimacy? Grounding the Moral Permissibility on the Nuclear Family

Anja Borowicz (Slade): Not at Home - Negotiating Perceptions on Art, Labour and Domestic

Camilla Sutherland (Spanish and Latin American Studies): Rewriting the Home – Architectural Framing and the Creative Process in Norah Lange’s People in the Living Room

4.00 - 4.15
Coffee break
4.15 - 5.00
5.00 - 6.00
Drinks reception

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