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Working with me

have joined the Nuffield summer placement scheme I always welcome opportunities to discuss working in the lab, either (depending on experience) assisting with an ongoing project, or running one of your own. Depending on your level of seniority, the following apply:

Work experience: The lab no longer offers one-on-one work experience, because this is time consuming for my team and provides relatively little benefit (since very few people go on to become research scientists, and those who do find plenty of opportunities later on). However, we think it is valuable for school students to see what scientists do, and what goes in in universities, so we have signed up to the Nuffield Research Placements scheme and welcome students from there.

Internships: We no longer offer internships (where people come and work in the lab for a period, to gain experience). For paid internships this is because we do not have funding that allows this, and for unpaid internships this is because it has become increasingly recognised that these are unfair (see this cartoon for a neat explanation). There are funding schemes that would-be interns can apply for directly; for example the Wellcome Vacation Studentship or Society of Biology schemes. I'm always very happy to discuss putting in a possible application.

Undergraduates and MSc projects: We do offer a limited number of undergraduate and masters projects each year: these are for UCL students. mostly they involved behavioural training, but occasionally students get involved with electrophysiology. Projects are usually assigned around May/June of each year, but sometimes opportunities arise at other times of year so if you are interested, do feel free to enquire about whether this might be possible, attaching a CV with details about grades, past research experience etc.

PhD: The lab does not have direct PhD funding but there is institutionally administered funding so if you are interested in a PhD in this area, email me with specifics about the kind of thing you are interested in, and why the research that my lab does appeals. For UK/EU students the application process is relatively straightforward and would involve either going for a departmental studentship, for one of the UCL-funded ones, or one of the funding agency schemes (BBSRC, MRC, Wellcome etc). For students from abroad, it is necessary to have your own funding, eg from your home country's government.

Postdoc: Postdoc positions are funded from grants and when these come along, they are advertised widely. However, if you are looking for a job and we don't have an advert running, it is nevertheless worth getting in touch as sometimes opportunities arise unexpectedly, or a position may be in the pipeline but not confirmed yet.